Old Man In Tianjin Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident After Grabbing The Driver Of A Moving Bus

Old man grabs bus driver causes accident featured image
An 83-year-old man was riding bus No. 606 in Tianjin on the morning of May 22 when he missed his stop. Instead of doing what normal people might, which is to get off at the next stop and backtrack, he threw a massive fit, lost control, and berated the bus driver, "I didn't see you stop at all!" And then the old man seized the driver by the shoulder while the bus was still moving -- something no one should do.

Oh My God, Chinese Motorcylist. And LOL

Worst and most hilarious motorcyclist ever
Ignore the 2010 timestamp. This video just appeared yesterday on Youku, titled, "Most insane motorcycle driver in history," and not only is that true, but this guy makes a good case for being history's funniest.

Watch: Cars And People On Fire After Accident In Beijing, Possibly Caused By Dueling Audis

Burning car in Beijing 3
A collision between three vehicles on Linglong Road in Beijing on Monday evening resulted in rolling fireballs that consumed four cars, resulting in five injuries. According to eyewitnesses, two Audis -- an A5 and A6 -- were "dueling" with one another on the road (or driving with a grudge, as it were). That might not mean street racing per se, but a degree of recklessness is implied. The A6 lost control first and rammed into another car, and the ensuing flames would engulf a fourth vehicle.

Yikes: Sand Truck Flips Onto A Car, Flattening It Completely, Killing Driver

Sedan squashed flat as a pancake in Mianzhu, Sichuan
At 6 pm yesterday in Mianzhu, Sichuan province, a truck loaded with sand approached an intersection -- a red light -- too fast, and lost control. A red sedan -- the unluckiest vehicle in China -- happened to be waiting at the stoplight when the truck flipped onto its side and fell directly onto it, smashing it flat as a pancake. The sedan driver did not survive, because:

Crazy: Bus Driver Barely Dodges Massive Pole That Crashes Through His Windshield

Bus driver pole Zhejiang featured image
Bus driver Mao Zhihao was leisurely driving down the road on Sunday, March 24 in Quzhou, Zhejiang province when HOLY CRAP WATCH OUT FOR THAT POLE! Watch in the above as a streetlight crashes directly through the bus's windshield. The 44-year-old driver ducked in the nick of time, escaping death. Impressively, he also stopped the bus, ensuring that no passengers got hurt. For his efforts, some have bestowed upon him the "Most Beautiful" label.

Motorcycle Runs Red Light, Crashes Into Van, Explodes

Motorcycle crashes into van and explodes featured image
We're going to go ahead and laugh at this because the motorcylist in this video isn't dead (lucky dude), and because the explosion is almost a bit too perfect. Watch, from multiple angles, as a motorcycle runs a red light, crashes into the side of a four-wheel vehicle, and immediately self-immolates out of shame. "The van's driver had no injuries," informs the interviewed traffic cop.