Car Does Donuts In Beijing

Round and round and round. And round. And… okay, you can stop now.

Video taken in front of Louzizhuang Middle School by Youku user @心像油炸蚕豆.

2 Responses to “Car Does Donuts In Beijing”

  1. SinoSoul

    The youtube title is freaking hilarious. “Fancy” car? That’s a shitty lil 350Z. And dude, you don’t need to flash your emergency blinders in the middle of a parking, you tool.

  2. Chinese Netizen

    Why is a 350Z “Shitty”? Seems to be a perfectly good, responsive and reasonably priced performance sports car. At least it does not spontaneously combust like so many Italian jobs.
    You hurt the feelings of the Japanese people.


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