The Story Of The Stray Dog And His Eventual Owner

On May 4, a stray white dog accepted a chicken leg from a cyclist in Sichuan, and when the men left, he followed. And followed. And followed. And 1,700 kilometers later, he was on the Tibetan Plateau. On the evening of May 23, he arrived in Lhasa and checked into a hotel with one of the riders, Xiao You, who updated the dog’s Sina Weibo page. Named Xiao Sa, which means “Little Bodhisattva,” he went in for a complete checkup, which revealed no problems. The veterinary hospital, after hearing Xiao Sa’s story, decided to foot the 1,000-yuan bill.

The cyclists, who are from Wuhan, found out that the train doesn’t allow pets on, so they’re doing the next best thing: letting the dog ride in the backseat of their bikes all the way back — where a movie deal awaits, we can only hope. Youku video, where the above information was gleaned, for those in China after the jump. (H/T Alicia) 

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    1. Zafar

      He has big PLOPPY EARS! No, not floppy. Ploppy! Just like Bentley! Awww cuuutuuuue! I wuv him! (You post pictures of the dog, you get dog appropriate comments).


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