The Moment Half Of A Bus’s Passengers Are Thrown Out Of The Window

Here’s some rather harrowing footage of a bus crash in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province on August 2 around 9:52 am, as seen from inside the bus. Reports are that the driver was backing up on the highway (don’t do that) when an oncoming semi plowed into it.

The truck driver was reportedly killed. As the bus rolled onto its side, half of its 22 passengers were thrown outside the vehicle. Everyone was injured, some severely, but there are no reports of deaths.

The first 36 seconds of this video show the bus backing up, backing up. There are no other cars on the highway, and all is fine. And then, suddenly, it’s as if the bus explodes from the inside.

The Youku video has been viewed more than a million times in the last couple of days.

Shocking Monitor Scene: A Bus and A Truck Crash, Passengers Fly out of Bus (China Navis)

    4 Responses to “The Moment Half Of A Bus’s Passengers Are Thrown Out Of The Window”

    1. asdfg

      Horrible, of course, but yeah, this really seems to be just one of those perfectly acceptable forms of behavior in traffic here. Notice how perfectly calm everyone is about the driver doing something simply suicidal.

    2. Chinese Netizen

      But what about that effective though annoying recorded voice warning people of a backing vehicle one hears so often in China?


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