Fists Fly At Stone Forest In Kunming

Stone Forest Park fight in Kunming
At the start of this video, the man behind the camera says, "Just like Chinese people, to fight over pictures." But just over pictures? Or is this an expression of a deeper discontent, a deformity of neither behavior nor genetics but something more fundamental and universal?

Guidebook For Chinese Travelers Includes Both Sensible And Bizarre Advice

National Tourism Board of China guidebook on etiquette featured image
Because Chinese tourists have a terrible rap, the National Tourism Administration has issued a 64-page guidebook on appropriate behavior, featuring some reasonable advice ("keep quiet when waiting to board a plane"), some common-sense advice (be on time), and and some head-scratchers ("do not call Africans 'Negros' or 'black'"). "Don't pick your nose is on the list," too, as everyone seems to be pointing out.

Tourpocalypse? Tourpocalypse

Golden Week crowds 4
We're going to borrow Alia of Offbeat China's word for the crowds during National Day holiday -- "tourpocalypse" -- because these pictures make us judder, indeed as if the ground will swallow us, no longer able to hold the weight of all this humanity.

Outrage After Tourists Caught Publicly Peeing In Beijing’s Summer Palace

Summer Palace urinating tourists
Here’s the latest from the chronicles of bad places to relieve yourself. Last week, one Cao Liping spied about a dozen tourists peeing on a vine-covered wall near the 17 Arches Bridge in Beijing’s Summer Palace. Angered, he snapped the above photo and posted it to Sina Weibo, where it predictably triggered uproar. CCTV and People’s Daily... Read more »

Chinese Teenager Publicly Shamed After Vandalizing Ancient Egyptian Artifact

Ancient Luxor Temple defaced by Chinese tourist vandal
If you're going to deface an ancient artifact in Luxor, Egypt, it's best not to use your real name. That's the lesson we're learning from the Ding Jinhao incident. A microblogger named Shen, visiting the Luxor Temple earlier this month, noticed Chinese characters scribbled over a sandstone relic alongside hieroglyphics. Mortified, Shen posted a picture of this vandalism onto Sina Weibo, where it went viral. Netizens were furious, claiming the incident was a "loss of face" for the Chinese, according to China Daily.