Jiuzhaigou National Park Overrun With Tourists, 4,000 Stranded And Furious

These are the sort of National Day occurrences that will ruin your vacation. At the super popular tourist destination of Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai Valley National Park) in Sichuan province on Thursday, 4,000 tourists were stranded until after-hours as authorities scrambled to supply enough vehicles to take everyone to base.

The last tourists didn’t exit until 10 pm, and were understandably frustrated. A raw clip of confused tourists is below. If you want a glimpse of the chaos, check out these pictures:

Tourists stranded at Jiuzhaigou 2
Tourists stranded at Jiuzhaigou 1
Tourists stranded at Jiuzhaigou 3

AP reports that China’s National Tourism Administration responded to the crisis by issuing a notice to popular tourism sites around the country, presumably asking them to be slightly more competent.

A lot of people are traveling this year.

The tourism administration said more than 6 million people had visited 125 sites across China in the first three days of the Oct. 1-7 holiday period, up by 8.4 percent from last year.

If we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: during Golden Week, it’s best to stay put, or leave the country. Prepare your blood pressure medicine otherwise.

(H/T Alicia)

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