Within One Minute, This Student Will Fall Through A Bathroom Roof Four Times

We all know shit happens. But when it happens four times? That’s a higher power telling you to stop being you.

This video is a blast from the past, specifically September 12, 2009 (original Tudou video after the jump for those in China). It’s worth sharing now as a reminder that talent and intelligence are important, but nothing is more important than perseverance. When you fall, get back up. When you fall again, get back up again. When you fall yet again, get back up and try again again. When you fall a fourth time… well shit, son, who do we mail your future Darwin Award to?

The video title tells us our protagonist is a tardy high school student who needs to get back into his school. Either because the gate is locked or because he doesn’t want to catch shit for being late (pun intended), he follows his buddy’s lead and scales the wall of a bathroom. What happens next is the stuff of vaudeville gold.

(H/T Alicia)

    One Response to “Within One Minute, This Student Will Fall Through A Bathroom Roof Four Times”

    1. KopyKatkiller

      Hahaha! Never learn from your mistakes. That’s the lesson here (and by here, I mean “China”).

      Question: Why do Chinese often film video of a video? Why not just upload the original?


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