Yao Ming Says Some Very Reasonable Things About Badminton And Swimming

Yao Ming
Internationally famous Chinese man Yao Ming has been color-commentating the men’s basketball games on CCTV, but as has always been his case, he’s too intelligent and opinionated to be boxed in by his sport. Very recently, as reported by Reuters, he spoke on the record with Xinhua about the badminton and Ye Shiwen controversies: “(The) same... Read more »

Olympics Roundup: Ye Shiwen passes drug test, the Guardian’s Lego reenactments of Olympic moments, and US and North Korea make Old Trafford history

London bus ad
While we all await Ye Shiwen’s next race — she’s the top qualifier (and Olympic record-holder) in the 200-meter individual medley, which begins at 8:43 pm London time / 3:43 am Beijing time — you might be interested to know that women’s gymnastics is on right now. Other Olympics stuff happened too, as you’ll see... Read more »