Watch: Kobe Bryant’s New Nike Ad In China, “4:00AM Summer Nights”

Kobe Bryant recently wrapped up his 8th China tour — another successful one, judging by the response — and as part of Nike’s Mamba Mentality campaign, this ad was recently released exclusively in China.

All in all, it’s pretty good — you’d expect nothing less from Nike. Or Kobe, for that matter, who’s depicted as a tough but patient and honest perfectionist trying to teach basketball to wide-eyed Chinese players. “Let me tell you guys — that was awful,” he says at one point. (Has he seen the Chinese basketball team these days?)

In the end, the kids begin to get it. Or they begin to get how hard it is. Who knows, some might decide to stick with the process.

They’ll all be the most popular players on the pick-up courts though, that’s for sure.

On Youku — a 35-minute video of Kobe’s camp, viewed nearly 27,000 times:

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