A June 4 Story: The Shanghai Stock Exchange Is Messin’ With The Politburo

Shanghai Stock Market
By RFH Confounding even the most grounded of numerologists, the movements on today’s Shanghai Stock Exchange have caused a minor stir. The index opened at: Open: 2,346.98 Day Range: 2,308.23 – 2,348.20 Year To Date: +4.96% Previous Close: 2,373.44 52-Week Range: 2,132.63 – 2,826.96 1-Year: -15.38% That’s 2,346.98 as in 23 years since 4/6, which... Read more »

Foreigner Accused Of Rape Currently In Police Custody

Is this the alleged rapist?
An update of the story earlier today of the man accused of sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in Beijing: There’s scant information that’s verifiable. For example, a photograph has been offered up on Weibo (above) that purports to show the same man – or at least a man wearing the same trousers and shoes –... Read more »

Unable To Convince World The SS Jiangya Was A Worse Maritime Disaster Than The RMS Titanic, China Seeks To Build Titanic II

Via Quitor.com
By RFH WTF moments are frequent in China; they can happen just reading a newspaper. Today’s chin-scratcher occurred on page five of the Global Times, where, sandwiched between an only mildly splenetic front-page story about Chen Guangcheng (Chen will not have “any problems as long as he obeys the law and expresses his demands lawfully,”... Read more »

Salacious, Scandalous, And Totally Unsubstantiated Rumors Regarding Bo Xilai

"Give me your your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle." Photo by Feng Li / GETTY IMAGES
By RFH With all the stuff going around about Bo, Bogu, Guagua, Gu and, of course, Neil and Nick Heywood, it’s getting hard for even the most Burroughs of media junkies to keep up. Every time I tell myself I’m done with it, Malcolm Moore at the Telegraph or Jeremy Page of Wall Street Journal turn up offering another... Read more »

Dashwood’s Diary: Dispatches From Peking

His Excellency
[Editor’s note: what follows is the first in a series of diplomatic cables, purporting to be the dispatches of Sir Charles Dashwood, a British attaché in present-day Beijing, decrypted and translated by BJC senior editor RFH] Bang! I’d only been in the Imperial Capital a few days and already my musk had attracted the bullets... Read more »

Corruption, Murder, And Intrigue In The Middle Kingdom: Neil Heywood, Bo Xilai, Xi Jinping, And An Asian Playboy In Harrow

Wang Lijun, Neil Heywood and Bo Xilai
Via China’s Forbidden News (NTDTV.com) By RFH When Hu Yaobang, the reformist Party General Secretary whose death two year laters would spark the Tiananmen demonstrations, was purged for the second time in 1987, it was Bo Yibo who drew up the official charges. The only Politburo member who backed Hu was Xi Zhongshun, a member of the Standing... Read more »