The Creamcast, Ep.07: Kenn Bermel, Bar Owner, Knows Nothing About Belgium

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Long-time Beijinger and The Local owner Kenn Bermel enlightens hosts John Artman and Amy Daml on why his bar is no longer called Brussels, how he survived SARS locked into his dorm (people had a lot of sex), and what exactly propelled Brussels The Local to an improbable 2nd-place finish in last year’s the Beijinger Burger Cup (including a shocking – shocking — victory over Blue Frog).

Also, Kenn had this to say about his handicapped bartender from Minnesota:

“He’s definitely going to listen to this podcast, because he is stated his plan to discredit me. I’m serious. He wants to besmirch my name.

“Besmirch was my word, discredit was his.”

Also, Chad Lager’s name comes up again.

Download Episode 7 of The Creamcast, i.e. Unfettered Sex in the Time of SARS, here, or listen to it on iTunes.

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