Chinese Olympian Sun Yang Punished for Misconduct

Sun Yang
Remember swimmer Sun Yang at the London Olympics? He broke his own world record in the 1500-meter freestyle, and won another gold in the 400-meter free, joining Michael Phelps as the only male swimmers to win two individual titles. With the success came endorsements and a hot girlfriend, but China's poster-boy swimmer now finds himself at the center of a scandal.

Congratulations To Maya Moore And The Shanxi Flame, 2012-13 WCBA Champions

Maya Moore, WCBA champion
The Shanxi Flame claimed the WCBA championship yesterday, winning on the Zhejiang Golden Bulls’ “home” court 97-87 to clinch the series 3-1. The game was played in Hangzhou, not Zhejiang’s usual home city of Yiwu, due to the fans’ assault on the refs following Zhejiang’s Game 1 loss. What really did the Golden Bulls in, however, was... Read more »

Where Can I Watch The Super Bowl In Beijing?

Super Bowl XLVII
The official Super Bowl party in Beijing is at the Kerry Hotel starting at 6:30 am tomorrow. It costs 300 RMB for adults, 200 RMB for children, which includes free-flow Budweiser and soft drinks, an American breakfast, and interactive games. A table of 10 costs 2,800 RMB and can be reserved by calling 8565 2633. What... Read more »

The WCBA’s Zhejiang Golden Bulls Banned From Playing In Its Home City For One Year (Meanwhile, Series Tied 1-1)

WCBA melee with refs
What are the repercussions for a home crowd in which dozens of men jump from the stands to assault the referees after a basketball game? We suspected the punishment would be severe, and now we know exactly how much so. The WCBA has ruled that Zhejiang's professional women's basketball team, the Golden Bull, will not be allowed to play in its home city of Yiwu for a full year.

The Didier Drogba Experiment In Shanghai Is Over: Striker Joins Anelka And Joel Griffiths In Skipping Town

Shanghai trio leaving
Didier Drogba rode into China with hopes of changing Chinese football. “I think I have a little bit of experience — I come here to share that experience and some knowledge,” he said back in July. Given the chance on a different team, he might have succeeded, and we might be writing a different story.... Read more »

Maya Moore Scores 53 Points In Game 1 Of WCBA Finals, Overshadowed By Fans Beating Up Referees [UPDATE]

Fans beat up refs in WCBA finals
Maya Moore scored 53 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in Game 1 of the WBCA finals yesterday. Whatever superlatives you want to append to that statement, feel free to do so, but I'll just write this again: 53 points, 13 rebounds. This is where the focus should be: a remarkable individual effort from the world's best female basketball player on Chinese professional basketball's biggest stage. Imagine if LeBron James went for 53 in the NBA finals (or CBA finals, to complete the analogy). You'd want 800 words about that, right? Moore's Shanxi beat Zhejiang 96-92 to grab a 1-0 lead in the best-of-five series.

Li Na Falls Twice, Then Loses Australian Open Final (Watch Full Match Here)

Li Na sprained ankle featured image
After winning the first set of the Australian Open final against defending champ and world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka, Li Na rolled her ankle -- twice, the second time immediately following a 10-minute fireworks display in honor of Australia Day -- before falling in three sets 4-6, 6-4, 6-3. That Azarenka was on the other end of two medical timeouts was more than a little ironic.

Stephon Marbury Was Victimized By The Floppingest Flop

Marbury victimized by flop
The CBA might have a flopping problem. Tianjin's flopping against Qingdao last week was a big reason that game got so out of hand, and on Friday, we saw another incident involving one of the league's high-profile players. Watch as Guangsha guard Zhang Hanjun starts bleeding perilymph from his ear upon bodily contact with Beijing's Stephon Marbury. Who comes out of this looking good?

Li Na Explains Serving Ball 10 Rows Into Stands: “I Want To Have Good Communication With The Fans”

Li Na featured image
Ever since advancing to the 2011 Australian Open final, becoming the first Chinese player to appear in a Grand Slam singles final, Li Na has been somewhat of a media darling in Melbourne. The 30-year-old, sixth-seeded Wuhan native beat Agnieszka Radwanska 7-5, 6-3 on Tuesday to advance to the semis against Maria Sharapova, but not before serving up a bit of comedy.

Now It’s Gilbert Arenas’s Turn To Hit A Game-Winning Shot

Gilbert Arenas game-winner
Less than a week after Tracy McGrady drilled a game-winner on the road against Liaoning, this season's other big import from the NBA, Gilbert Arenas, showed everyone he has some clutch bones in him as well. With the clock winding down and the Shanghai Sharks down 94-93 in Nanjing, on the home court of the Jiangsu Dragons, Arenas made his move, which you can watch in the video above.

Tianjin Coach Gary Gaspard Had To Be Physically Restrained After Sunday’s CBA Debacle

Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 1
What words do we have left for Sunday's colossal wreck of a basketball scrum between Qingdao and Tianjin, in which the two teams were whistled for a combined 89 fouls (an average of one and a half fouls per minute), shot 119 combined free throws, and each had three players foul out? I wrote that it was "how bad basketball can look when entrusted to the wrong people." NiuBBall's Jon Pastuszek called it an "abomination," "nightmare" and "pathetic." Andrew Crawford of Shark Fin Hoops tweeted, "In Chinese basketball, the biggest problem remains the standard of refereeing." It was a sad day indeed for fans of the CBA.

The Worst Basketball Refereeing Ever (And Of Course Tracy McGrady Happens To Be Involved)

Tracy McGrady vs Tianjin 2
I'm not sure how, but Tracy McGrady has a way of attracting refereeing debacles. (As a Beijing fan, I'm not just talking about Wednesday night's avian contest between the Ducks and Double Star Eagles in Qingdao, though that was massively craptacular too, with the home team benefitting from so many calls that I wondered aloud whether the CBA was publicly making amends with T-Mac for suspending him.) The worst -- absolute no doubt worst bar none -- happened yesterday.

Tracy McGrady Drills Game-Winner, Even To The Delight Of The Opposing Team’s Crowd

Tracy McGrady game-winner
We daresay things are looking up for Tracy McGrady. His team, the Qingdao Double Star Eagles, has won three games in a row, and none more dramatically than Wednesday on the road against Liaoning. You’ll remember that in the season opener, McGrady had the ball in his hands with time winding down but turned it over,... Read more »

China Will Be Seeing A Lot More Of Manchester United After Latest Sponsorship Deals

Man U fans in China
Manchester United recently announced sponsorship deals with two Chinese companies, Wahaha and China Construction Bank (CCB), the latter of which will produce Man U-branded credit cards. Considering China is one of the largest growth markets for any business, it’s no a surprise that the 134-year-old club is looking to strengthen its presence here. There are... Read more »

Tracy McGrady Is Charging For Interviews In China, Which Is Why No One Is Interviewing Him

Tracy McGrady interview costs
Tracy McGrady and the Qingdao Double Star Eagles have seemingly found a groove on the court, winning four straight, but as we’ve known all along, T-Mac’s season would be one that makes headlines on and off the court. Here’s another example of the latter, via Jon Pastuszek of NiuBBall: Considering that the iconic McGrady’s every move has... Read more »

CBA Suspends Tracy McGrady For Calling Referees “3 Blind Mice”; Qingdao-Bayi Refs Suspended 20 Combined Games

Tracy McGrady criticizes refs
Tracy McGrady’s wild, wacky, probably frustrating inaugural season in the CBA continues. On Wednesday, after his team was absolutely robbed of a chance to capture a signature road win at Bayi, T-Mac took to his official Sina Weibo account to vent his frustration. At 11:32 pm, he wrote: CBA has to do a better job with... Read more »

Enraged By Blown Call, Qingdao Coach Pulls Team Off Court In Waning Moments Of CBA Game [UPDATE]

Qingdao employee kicks card 2
Late in the game on Wednesday in Ningbo, Bayi was clinging to a three-point lead and had the ball against Qingdao in a hard-fought, physical game in which the teams combined to take 81 free throws (43 for Bayi, 38 for Qingdao). Then, in the final minute, the refs botched a call so horribly that no one who was watching could have avoided the obvious question: "Is the fix on?"

Yi Jianlian Is The Happiest Dunker

Yi Jianlian
The play has obviously been whistled dead, which would explain why Xinjiang’s Von Wafer (No. 12) is walking away from the basket. Nonetheless, we love this picture. Everyone should be as happy as Yi Jianlian while playing sports, to say nothing of soaring above the rim to throw down a one-handed dunk.