Fernando Alonso Wins F1 Chinese Grand Prix In Shanghai (Watch Entire Race Here)

Alonso wins Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai
Fernando Alonso of Spain steered his Ferrari to victory at Formula One’s Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday at Shanghai International Circuit. F1 fans should know Mark Webber didn’t do as well, as WorldCarFans.com reports. Alonso, sounding more bored than anything afterward, said: “The celebrations tonight will be nothing special as I have an early flight for Bahrain,”... Read more »

Guan Tianlang Assessed Stroke Penalty For Slow Play, Makes Cut Anyway

Guan Tianlang makes cut
Guan Tianlang accomplished two historic firsts in the second round of the Masters yesterday. He made the cut, becoming the youngest player to do so in any major (he was, after all, the youngest player to ever participate in any major). And he was assessed a stroke-penalty for "slow play" on the 17th hole. "He became the first player, by all accounts, in the 77 times they've held this tournament, to be assessed a penalty for slow play," writes ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski.

Guan Tianlang, Star In The Making After Shooting 1-Over In Masters Debut: “People Were Very Nice To Me”

Guan Tianlang at Masters opening round
Guan Tianlang is precocious. He is a star. We're not sure if he knows this and is simply playing the role of establishmentarian golf prodigy to a tee -- with understated self-assessments washed with humility, a genial confidence -- or is just being himself, but judging by his post-round quotes, he doesn't feel at all uncomfortable in the spotlight as the biggest story story in this year's biggest golf tournament. Sergio, who? Marc Leishman, who? Tiger, who?

All Eyes Are On Guan Tianlang, The Masters’ Youngest Player Ever And China’s Great Golfing Hope

Guan Tianlang at the Masters
Any reference to Chinese golf sensation Guan Tianlang inevitably mentions his age, and rightly so: the kid is just 14 and, in 14 and a half hours (12:24 am local time), will become the youngest ever to play in the Masters by a full two years. But in a reworking of an old sports cliché, age is temporary, class is permanent.

The Compendious List Of People Guan Tianlang Has Golfed With Includes Phil Mickelson, Condoleeza Rice

Guan Tianlang's Twitter
Chinese golf prodigy Guan Tianlang, 14, is set to become the youngest player ever to play at the Masters — he tees off on Thursday at 12:24 pm Georgia time. But the youngster has already been busy on the links at Augusta, it appears. Behold, his Twitter account, @Guan_Tianlang (we can safely call it “under the radar,” with only... Read more »

So, Zou Shiming Won His Professional Boxing Debut. Now Let’s Temper Expectations

Zou Shiming wins pro boxing debut in Macau
Two-time Olympic gold-medalist Zou Shiming triumphed in his professional debut on Saturday, which you surely already know, if you follow Chinese news. He won a four-round unanimous decision against Mexico’s Eleazar Valenzuela in Macau’s Cotai Arena at the Venetian, the result alternately described as “dominating” and “a formality.” Ring announcer Michael Buffer, before the bout even... Read more »

Here’s The Jeremy Lin Interview On 60 Minutes

60 Minutes on Jeremy Lin
“There aren’t many basketball stars who step off the bench and directly into the dictionary,” begins 60 Minutes’s Jeremy Lin story — only slightly belated. The part that’s probably most interesting is when Lin talks, frankly, about race and stereotyping. This from the show’s transcript:

Manny Ramirez Hit His First Home Run In Taiwan Yesterday, And It Was Great

Manny Ramirez first home run in Taiwan
Manny Ramirez launched a beautiful 7th-inning home run yesterday while playing for the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan, a rocket to deadaway center. He now has 556 home runs in the big leagues -- 555 in the MLB, and one in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Ramirez, 40, also happened to hit the 7,000th home run in CPBL history, according to Baseball America (citing Taiwanese media).

Evil Empire Wins Again: Guangdong Captures 8th CBA Title With Sweep Of Liaoning, Yi Jianlian Chosen MVP

Guangdong Southern Tigers win 2013 CBA title
Order was restored to the Chinese Basketball Association last night as the Guangdong Southern Tigers, winners of the CBA finals in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005, and 2004, beat Liaoning on the road, 94-74, to complete a four-game sweep. By "order" we mean devastating lack of parity, the type that makes one wonder: is Guangdong actually any good, or is every other team really supremely that bad?

David Beckham, Global Soccer Ambassador, Arrives In Beijing

David Beckham in Beijing
David Beckham, China's first ambassador for soccer, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday morning to a, well, David Beckham welcome. Fans waited for hours for him to arrive to Shijia Hutong Primary School, where he played soccer in dress shoes and a butoned up shirt. He also kicked the ball around at the FC Guo'an practice facility. The above video is him arriving at the scene.

The Best Baseball Game This Spring That No One Saw Was China’s Win Vs. Brazil

China beats Brazil WBC
The story of China’s World Baseball Classic win against Brazil begins like any other: on a dirt field. “The field took just four months to build amid the high-rise apartment blocks on the outskirts of Changzhou,” begins Justin Bergman’s story in Time two years ago. This was Major League Baseball’s second training school, seeking to find Chinese... Read more »

Kobe Bryant And The Lakers Will Play In China In October, While Messi And FC Barcelona Travel To Shanghai In August

Lakers and Barcelona to China
Good news sports fans: some of the planet’s top athletes are planning preseason tours to Beijing and Shanghai. Let’s start with basketball, the most popular sport this country by some metrics*. For the first time ever, the Los Angeles Lakers are coming to China. They’re slated to play the Golden State Warriors on October 15... Read more »

What Does Basketball In North Korea Look Like? Here’s A Glimpse

North Korea basketball
The wonderful folk of Koryo Tours, who aren't responsible for Dennis Rodman but is for so many other Westerners who visit North Korea, passed along this video recently of Americans playing basketball in the DPRK last June. It was the first ever "USA-North Korea basketball exchange." "Well, I hope this opens up opportunities for the future," participant Luke Elie, founder of Coaches Team International, said. We wonder if he knew, eight months later, Rodman would be there.

Extreme Sports Pioneer Yi Ruilong Dies In Hang-Gliding Accident (Video)

Yi Ruilong
Yi Ruilong, an extreme sports trailblazer in this country known as China's "first flying man," disappeared on Sunday evening after his hang glider crashed into remote Hanyuan Lake in Sichuan province. You can watch the video of his fateful accident above, in which he loses control while trying to complete a 360-degree turn. Witnesses aren't sure whether Yi died on the spot, but search crews found no signs of the 70-year-old until two days later, Tuesday night, when they finally dredged up his body.

The CBA All-Star Weekend Wasn’t Terrible, But This Dunk Contest Was (Terribly Funny)

CBA dunk contest featured image
We were watching the CBA All-Star game on Sunday to see the best that Chinese basketball has to offer, and for the entertainment aspect, and the pageantry (it was a special Lantern Festival game), but, truth be told, what we really wanted was comedy, preferably one of errors, like last year. The game didn't supply anything, but the dunk contest did. Oh did it ever.

Looking Back At Tracy McGrady’s Inaugural Season In China

Tracy McGrady China
Six months ago, seven-time NBA all-star Tracy McGrady shocked the basketball world when he signed a one-year contract with the Qingdao Double Star Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). With Stephon Marbury already setting the standard as the ultimate CBA success story, McGrady was expected to further raise the profile of the top league... Read more »

Lifetime Suspensions, Major Team Penalties For Those Involved In Chinese Soccer Match-Fixing

Dark cloud over CSL
The latest penalties in China soccer’s match-fixing drama have been a long time coming – several players, officials and referees were already sent to prison last year – but as announced Monday, they were still fairly significant. In summary: Shanghai Shenhua stripped of the 2003 league title Two teams docked 6 points each going into... Read more »