Man Rescues Woman From Suicide By Drowning

Remember the three migrant workers who rescued a woman from drowning in Qingdao? Another woman was rescued from drowning recently in Nanjing, but under completely different circumstances.

The woman walked into a lake and kept going farther and farther from shore, ala Edna Pontellier in The Awakening. After her rescue by an out-of-town soldier surnamed Zhou, 21, the woman wails on the boat, “Don’t want to be rescued by you guys!”

In the car, surrounded by onlookers peering intently at her, she sobs, “My mom and dad don’t want me.” (Someone tells her, “You’re so young.”) “I don’t want to live anymore. Don’t you guys rescue me!”

The video ends with the journalist telling us she went with Zhou to the local police bureau. We hope the best for her. Often, those who fail at suicide achieve a sort of epiphany about the value of life, etc. It’s not often that suicides are foiled so publicly, and I can’t predict what effect that might have on this young woman’s psyche, but possibly she’ll realize there are good people in the world after all, and good deeds to be done, and maybe that’s reason enough to keep on. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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