The Newest Trailer For “Linsanity,” The Jeremy Lin Documentary, Is Excellent

The Jeremy Lin story reached such prodigious heights, to the level of insanity, because he was the ultimate underdog who dared us to doubt. We did so at our own peril.

Those two weeks in February 2012, when Jeremy Lin had the American sporting public in the palm of his hand, he could do nothing wrong. Each game was better than the previous. And then, this – a game-winning shot in Toronto that had the opposing team’s crowd jumping out of their seats, an unscripted moment of pure magic.

Whether you like Lin or not — hell, whether you like sports or not — give the trailer of the documentary Linsanity: The Jeremy Lin Story a watch. It’s the type of story that doesn’t come around often, and that we can count ourselves lucky to have witnessed.

(H/T Ball Don’t Lie)

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