Three Shadows Showcases Young Photographers For Annual Prize

Three Shadows picture 1
It takes a bit of commitment to get to Three Shadows Photography Centre, which, outside Fifth Ring Road, counts as "far outside the city." And once you arrive, you very well could get lost on the train tracks before finally coming to the main building. But there's a simple answer to the question of whether it's worth journeying out there to check out the current exhibition: yes.

The Homecoming Of Oil Painter Zhao Gang

Zhao Gang Returns With Oil Exhibition
After a decade abroad in the New York art scene, painter Zhao Gang is back to exhibit his last decade of creations. The exhibition, which opened April 13 in Yonghe Community, has attracted art market observers, commentators, reporters, and general art lovers. Titled “The Emperor and His…,” the paintings capture Zhao’s impressions about people around the world.

Art Thrown Out With Trash In Hong Kong (And Not As Meta Commentary On Art)

Snowy Mountain
An expensive work of art was reportedly thrown out with the garbage at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on Tuesday, and it wasn't made by Damien Hirst. As Coconuts Hong Kong, SCMP, WSJ, and basically everyone else is reporting, Cui Ruzhuo's "Snowy Mountain," pictured above, was sold at auction for HK$28.8 million (US$3.7 million) on Monday, and one day later, police were searching for it among the city's rubbish.

Xu Li’s Mysterious Modern Ink Paintings

Xu Li - Art Bridge Gallery 1
Using simple lines and traditional ink, Xu Li brings ancient ghosts and ladies to life on xuan paper. Xu is a representative of China’s “grassroots” artist movement, a group of classically educated artists who have given up on academics to focus on creating art that is closer to everyday life.

Classical Beauties Modernized In Zhang Botao’s Oil Paintings

Zhang Botao Sorrowful beauties 4
Zhang Botao searches for remnants of ancient tradition in China’s modern women. Since 2010, he has been working on oil paintings inspired by ancient beauties at his studio in the Songzhuang artist colony. His paintings blend modern figures with ancient oriental traits. Each of the women in his works show eyes full of desperation and sorrow.

UCCA Exhibition Explores Art In A “Post-Internet” World

UCCA Post Internet
A new exhibition at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, curated by Karen Archery and Robin Peckham, is exploring the character of new art whose concepts, ideas, dissemination and reception are defined by a post-Internet world. Titled “Art Post-Internet,” the collection includes works by artists based in New York, London and Berlin.

Hutong Art Space Presents Group Exhibition: “Hermeneutics Of A Room”

Born in 1983, Camille Ayme pursues a body of work evolving around the components of the modern city. Her 2010 collaboration on the TV series Skins in New York led her to rethink the notions of characters, sets and fictions.
Among the hundreds of galleries in Beijing, Intelligentsia Gallery is quite unusual in its interactive approach to exhibitions. Created as a room of sorts, it regularly gathers the works of painters, sculptures and photographers into a shared space that enables visitors to interact with the art. This March, it is presenting a group exhibition titled Hermeneutics of a Room. Featured artists include Meng Zhigang, Simona Rota, Matjaž Tančič, James Ronner and Camille Ayme.

Is Art Vandalism Art? A Closer Look At Maximo Caminero And Ai Weiwei

Maximo Caminero breaks Ai Weiwei vase
The definition of irony has always been difficult to pin down, even for the most seasoned of wordsmiths, but here’s an attempt through example: an artist who achieved fame by defacing or destroying other artists’ work sees one of his defaced works defaced by another artist. The famous artist is Ai Weiwei, whose 1995 photographic triptych Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn is undoubtedly one of the pieces that propelled him to international art world fame and fortune.

Ma Haifang’s Art Brings Old Beijing To Life

Ma Haifang’s art
No one can doubt Ma Haifang’s Beijing credentials. Born in the city in 1956, Ma studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1981 with a degree in traditional painting. Like many masters in his field, he has spent the years since working at People’s Art Publishing House as a supervisor. Ma obsesses about Beijing life. Each of his works capture daily life in Old Beijing and festival celebrations.

Love In The Digital Age: The Turmoil – And Love – In Sheng Tianhong’s Paintings

“Old Injury, New Love” by Sheng Tianhong
Our friends at Beijing Today will sporadically swing by to introduce art and culture in the city. This week, a man who paints of and with love. Sheng Tianhong’s heart is wholly devoted to painting. Born in Zhejiang Province in 1973 and a graduate from the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Dusseldorf, Germany at the age of 24 to travel and develop his career.

The Second Age Of Modern China’s Enlightenment: The New Wave Movement, Reexamined

Dream of Sea by Chen Ren
Our friends at Beijing Today will be swinging by now and then to introduce art and culture around the city. This week, get acquainted with modern creations as the National Art Museum of China reexamines the New Wave movement of 1985, which began with an essay and series of pictures by graduate students at the Zhejiang Art Academy (now the China Academy of Art). They ran wildly counter to the Chinese mainstream at the time, emphasizing a deeper perspective on humanity – one that respected individuality and free expression.

Dispatches From Xinjiang: Chen Zhifeng, Billionaire, Patron of the Arts

Chen Zhifeng featured image
Chen Zhifeng is a “self-made” billionaire, founder of the Western Regions Photography Society, and a major force in Xinjiang’s art scene. He is part of a newly minted cohort of Xinjiang capitalists: the Xinjiang 8 (or 9), who have taken advantage of Chinese-Central Asian market development and the post-Reform oil and gas economy. His Wild Horses Corporation brings in an annual income of $700 million selling Chinese-made women’s underwear and TVs in Russia and Kazakhstan. Yet, unlike some other Xinjiang elites, Chen has reinvested his wealth in Xinjiang.

Watch: Scenes From The Inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong featured image2
For the first time ever, Art Basel opened in Hong Kong on Thursday, where it'll remain a showcase for Asian art, artists and galleries until tomorrow. For a glimpse, you'll want to check out Stephy Chung's latest video for, above, featuring scenes from this international event. Does Hong Kong deserve Art Basel? That's debatable. "Even a few local boosters will admit that the paucity of Hong Kong galleries is largely a reflection of the weakness of the local art scene," reports the New York Times.

The Craft Behind Li Hongbo’s Mysterious, Mind-Blowing Paper Art

Li Hongbo featured image
Li Hongbo loves paper. He loves it so much that he's taken it to the "artistic extreme," as Crane TV puts it -- which is apt, considering Li can "open" and "provoke" his paper art, turning/flipping/rotating it into different shapes or evocations. Check out this former book editor at work in the above video as he shapes paper gourds, guns, statues, and other miscellany.