Watch: Self-Trained Ninja In Hubei Slices Cans With Playing Cards


China’s video-sharing platforms are full of amateur card throwers and fruit ninjas (we featured one here in August who had Guinness aspirations), and the reason is pretty simple: there are more than a few people who find it cool and interesting. In Xishui county, Hubei province, for instance, one young man was so inspired by fruit-slicing card-flingers that he decided to try it himself, and after two to three years of practice and perseverance, he graduated to the ranks of sensei.

Watch here as Feng Yangxu, 23, gives a lesson in card-slinging done right. He says when he started he couldn’t even cut through a piece of paper, but through dedication and repetition, he was able to whip cards with enough force to split open aluminum cans. Exactly how much practice did it take? “These pull-top cans… I must’ve sliced at least 10 million or so,” he kids. More believably, he says he’s gone through a few thousand sets of poker cards.

Pretty cool indeed. Locals have dubbed him “Awesome Flying Cutter.”

(H/T MIC Gadget)

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