Riots In Xinjiang Leave 27 Dead [UPDATE: 35 Dead]

Xinjiang riot kills 27

Unrest in Xinjiang has turned deadly once again, as riots that began around 6 am yesterday in Lukqun township, Shanshan County, Turpan Prefecture — about 250 kilometers from Urumuqi — have left 27 dead, including 10 rioters. Reports Xinhua:

Knife-wielding mobs attacked the township’s police stations, the local government building and a construction site, stabbing at people and setting fire to police cars, officials with Xinjiang’s regional committee of the Communist Party of China confirmed.

Among those dead are nine policemen/security guards and eight civilians. AFP notes that this was the deadliest incident in Xinjiang since 2009, slightly worse than the violent clash in April that left 21 dead.

Initial media reports did not mention “terrorism,” AFP reports.

More information as it becomes available.

UPDATE, 7/1, 8:21 am: Reports are that 35 died, including 11 attackers. China has responded.

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