A Brutal, Bloody Beatdown In Sanlitun Last Week [UPDATE]

Bloody Sanlitun beating featured image
We've reached out to the guys who shot the video -- Canadians from WorldstarHipHop, as they make abundantly clear in the video -- to see if we can get more info. It's a nasty fight, if one can call it that, with a clear survivor. There are no winners. "Someone pull him off," someone says while the guy who's standing, bloody all over, continues connecting on kicks to the defenseless man on the ground. "It's done, it's done, you've won, you've won," someone else says, beginning to sound desperate.

Stay Classy, White Guy

(H/T Katie) Disputes happen on the streets all the time, but there’s always a bad way to resolve conflicts and a better way. The example here, from Chengdu, represents the former. I don’t want to speculate. But I see what I see, and others, surely, will as well: a white man spits in the face... Read more »

Yet Another Fight Breaks Out Between American And Chinese Basketball Teams [UPDATE]

In the wake of the “British rapist” and Russian cellist, this won’t help Chinese-foreigner relations: a basketball team called the New Orleans Hurricanes — possibly this one from Texas – was in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province yesterday for an exhibition against the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions that ended in the worst way possible. In the above video (and below, on Youku,... Read more »

The Only Review Of The Beijinger Awards Party You’re Ever Likely To Read

At the Beijinger awards party 2012
Holding the party in the open air of Sanlitun Soho and suggesting “beachwear” as a dress code was clearly pivotal: the signal for Beijing’s really quite impressively large douchebag population to give full vent to their oeuvre of tics and mores. “Dress code? Dude… I was wearing this Hawaiian shirt with oversized aviators, four days’ beard growth and a jaunty pork-pie hat when I woke up!” We arrive just after four. Upon entering the “gate,” there was a kind, red reminder for all foreigners that there is a crackdown going on for the next 100 years, that undercover police would be among the crowd and that the magazine would not be held responsible for any problems that ensued. Always the best way to get the party started.

Man Who First Intervened In That Infamous Video Speaks On Record, And Other Information [UPDATE]

Foreigner beat up
Global Times has followed up on the Xuanwumen incident from Tuesday evening and tracked down several witnesses, many of whom said police instructed them to not speak to media. GT was able to get one key witness on the record though: The first Chinese man in the film seen intervening is a 24-year-old man, surnamed Wu, a... Read more »

Foreigner Assault In Beijing Update: What Is That Thing The Girl Appears To Grab Out Of The Man’s Pocket? [UPDATE]

What is she reaching for?
RFH first noticed this. Around the nine-second mark in the video, the girl appears to grab something out of the man’s pocket, then (possibly) drops it. Best guess is a wallet. UPDATE, 7:08 pm: As pointed out by a commenter, it could well be a cell phone that she had in her hand from the... Read more »

Foreigner Accused Of Rape Currently In Police Custody

Is this the alleged rapist?
An update of the story earlier today of the man accused of sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in Beijing: There’s scant information that’s verifiable. For example, a photograph has been offered up on Weibo (above) that purports to show the same man – or at least a man wearing the same trousers and shoes –... Read more »

Did A Foreigner In Beijing Get This Public Beatdown For Attempted Rape? [UPDATE]

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Youku video for those in China after the jump. UPDATES below. A lot of anodyne videos pass through my inbox, from travel companies and tourists at the Great Wall and musical performances at bars. Occasionally I’ll get a gem. And then, because it’s the Internet, occasionally I’ll get something like the above — footage of... Read more »