Stay Classy, White Guy

(H/T Katie)

Disputes happen on the streets all the time, but there’s always a bad way to resolve conflicts and a better way. The example here, from Chengdu, represents the former.

I don’t want to speculate. But I see what I see, and others, surely, will as well: a white man spits in the face of a Chinese dude before absconding on his bike. This is bad. No matter what happened to precipitate the disagreement, spitting in someone’s face immediately before hightailing it seems, at best, cowardly. In this day and age of civility and shit, the act of spitting in a person’s face is difficult to justify even if one is in the right. Again, I’m not taking sides, necessarily; just saying that it looks really bad, all things considered. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    11 Responses to “Stay Classy, White Guy”

    1. don

      It seems like every other day there’s a new video with a male asswipe of the pale skin variety doing something stupid in China that gives all foreigners a black eye. What gives?

    2. sascha

      too bad. Chengdu is a pretty laid back city and what probably happened was your run of the mill fender bender. spitting on anyone and running is just a total bitchmove. Also, its hard to tell, but I think I know dude ….

    3. Bon

      It’s just a guess but, could it be that the dispute originated with the Chinese gentleman having expectorated upon the foreign individual.

    4. Gary

      Its very unusual for a visitor to do that in any country let alone in China where the consequences could be dangerous for him – if he had fought the guy he would have had to deal with everyone around him jumping him because he is a foreigner. I suspect from what I have seen on the streets from the driving attitude and poor education of many chinese the Chinese guy probably started this incident. Spitting is very common in China (just go to a restaurant where everyone is spitting and making noises) and very unusual for foreigners so this is suggestive that the Chinese guy had exporated first. Shame your u tube video doesn’t capture what happened but I suspect you don’t really want to know.

    5. John

      Taiwan is a much better place to be. The thing that makes china a bad place is that when a foreigner gets i to a fight with a chinese person. Most chinese around will attack the foreigner as well. However in Taiwan it’s different. A foreigner in a fight with a Taiwanese, usually locals in Taiwan would either try to nreak up the fight without taking one side or the other. Either that they will just mind their own business.

    6. Jeff

      So where is the video of the foreign guy on the subway, there are cameras everywhere… Oh there is NO VIDEO.


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