Foreigner At Sanya Airport Loses It, Gets Progressively Deranged In The Face Of Reason, Makes Mockery Of Chinese Language

Sanya Airport foreinger featured image
These are the worst type of stories. The. Worst. What we have is a foreigner (laowai) and Chinese person arguing at Sanya Airport in Hainan province. (What is it with Sanya? We saw another foreigner and Chinese person tussle earlier.) The foreigner, wearing a fannypack, accuses the Chinese of cursing and "beating" him. The Chinese guy, presumably the one filming, posts this nationalistic tripe on Youku (a video that's been viewed 225,000 times in the last 11 hours):

An Expat Meltdown For The Ages: Dongguan Bar Owner Tees Off On The Nanfang After Tepid Review

One for the Road
Longtime China resident Cam MacMurchy, who ran the well-respected Zhongnanhai blog for several years before co-founding The Nanfang earlier this year, is nothing if not a reasonable and fair writer. We’ve watched from afar as The Nanfang, a community-driven website covering the Pearl River Delta, has steadily grown, expanding its listings every week while continuing to produce interesting... Read more »

Foreigner Loses His Mind, Begins Attacking Random People On The Street Before Fleeing From Those Who Confront Him [UPDATE]

Black assailant in Guilin
In Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region yesterday around 10:30 am, a foreigner who is initially identified as “a black man… dressed completely in jet-black” was filmed attacking random people at Wenchang Bridge. The Youku description (video embedded after the jump) tells us that an “approximately 80-year-old, white-haired elderly woman was picked up by him and thrown... Read more »

Foreigner Slashes Waiter At Jianguomen Hotel, Steals Car, Hits Four Vehicles, All While Very Drunk

Subdued drunk man
Beijing News reports that on Friday afternoon, a foreigner got drunk at a downtown hotel, slashed a server with a kitchen knife, carjacked a minibus black Buick, crashed into four other vehicles, and hit a pedestrian. Then he tried to flee by foot before two passersby and a police officer subdued him. Several witnesses said they... Read more »

Foreigner Allegedly Slaps And Spits On Local Woman In Henan, Nearly Starts Riot

Foreigner in Zhengzhou
A foreigner nearly incited a riot in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province on Friday evening after he got into a physical confrontation with a Chinese woman on the road. The foreigner, riding a BYD, apparently thought the female had hit his car with her electric bike, so he got out and slapped her twice across the... Read more »

So Long, And Thanks For All The Bullshit: Baron Christopher Devonshire-Ellis Exits China

CDE in Mongolia
By RFH Sad tidings this week, via Chris “Devonshire” Devonshire-Ellis, or CDE as many know him. The erstwhile “Baron of Coigach” is leaving China, according to a post on his blog, China Briefing, but remains in touch with the title he inherited, somewhat expensively, in April 2011. As his online CV explains, Chris was one of the first... Read more »

Bad Foreigner. Baaaad Foreigner. Bad! [UPDATE]

Via Sina, its caption: "A New Zealander is being taken away by police after tossing a young girl into a swimming pool in Jinan, Shandong province, Sunday."
Sigh. A New Zealand national, believed in his 50s, tossed a 5-year-old Chinese girl into a swimming pool for “her bumping into him” in Jinan, capital city of E China’s Shandong province on July 1, the provincial newspaper Qilu Evening News reported. That’s from Sina English. Apparently the man (a university lecturer), when confronted by... Read more »

This Foreigner Proudly Dons Chengguan Uniform, Outs Himself As Massive Tool

Josh Garcia
I don’t know Josh Garcia, 23, nor do I know the city of Cleveland, Tennessee, the place from which he hails. Short of any other information, it’s probably unfair for me to judge him for “[leaving] Zhuzhou in Central China’s Hunan province next week, with a uniform of chengguan, a urban management officer, a gift from... Read more »