Foreigner Assault In Beijing Update: What Is That Thing The Girl Appears To Grab Out Of The Man’s Pocket? [UPDATE]

RFH first noticed this. Around the nine-second mark in the video, the girl appears to grab something out of the man’s pocket, then (possibly) drops it. Best guess is a wallet. UPDATE, 7:08 pm: As pointed out by a commenter, it could well be a cell phone that she had in her hand from the beginning.

What does this mean? Again, very little. She could have been being savvy and wanted his identification. She could have been grabbing for random things and just happened upon whatever was in his pocket. It might not be a wallet, after all. We don’t know. But it’s worth noting nonetheless. (Thanks to Alicia for the above gif after the jump.)

By the way, a press officer at the British consulate said the man has not gotten in touch with them.

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    1. asd

      Maybe it’s her phone? Whatever it is, she had the object in her right hand from the beginning of the video, didn’t take it out of his pocket. Go back and watch it from the start. That gif is way too fuzzy (and misses the earlier part where you can clearly see she is already holding it).

      I agree that we don’t know much of what really happened yet and the reaction from the majority of Chinese has been overly obsessed with the fact that he’s a laowai, but you seem pretty quick to defend the guy. Just wondering why?

      • Captain Crunch

        Not sure about Beijing Cream’s opinion, but I’m not putting the guy up for crowd stoning just yet, because of a few reasons:

        #1 He seems so out of it throughout the whole video he almost seems drugged. With a guy that size that takes quite a potent mix of whatever this guy had. So out-of-it in fact said person would feel like in the middle of the street with people around he can have sex with a woman. There are some assholes and bad people out there but I can’t imagine there that dumb to commit a crime in the open.

        #2 Instead of pulling him off of a seemingly helpless woman from a bad situation some asshole takes out his camera and records. He’s pretty close in all parts of this video. I know everyone in this country is afraid of getting “Nanjing’ed” or whatever but come on. I think most people’s first response is not to take out their phone and video tape.

        #3 The guys beaten pretty senseless and when he’s down guys are still beating the shit out of him.

        #4 It’s posted with a super nationalistic title on a big video sharing site instead of, you know, turning the said video into the police as evidence.

        • Jeff

          So rape is fine as long as the rapist is drunk? That is what you are implying?

          Also loving the general tone of posts on this blog, in that everything possible is written in a way not to call this incident for what it is. Pathetic.

        • Reggie

          (for those of you who haven’t read the original text from the blogger who took the video) …

          Laowai, we’re going to kick your ass out of China!

          Where: Beijing city 100 meters south of the Xuanwumen subway entrance opposite the Sogo Department Store. When: 2012 May 8th around 23:20 [11:20pm]. At the time, Big Brother [referring to self] was getting off work and closing the shop and a Little Brother [referring to a younger man] ran over in a panic, “Big Brother, hurry, there’s someone crying for help over there”. At the time, Big Brother didn’t think much about it, because when the road is not level, Big Brother will go level it [when one sees a problem, one does something], and quickly rushed to the scene, but what bitterly disappointed Big Brother was that there were so many people there on the side of the road watching but not doing anything. The scene did not allow for much thought, it had to be stopped, otherwise the consequences would truly be unimaginable, so Big Borhter and another “see injustice and do what is right” friend, and a Little Brother bravely went forth. Cao, Big Brother is Chinese, and every citizen of China is Big Brother’s brother and sister, so how can Big Brother tolerate them being bullied/taken advantaged of by others? Big Brother was put on this earth to fight bad guys! I want to tell all the sisters of our motherland: “The night is dark, your family is waiting for you to return home; The day is late, don’t go out alone, and especially when it is summer, don’t dress so revealingly! You may not know that there is a pair of eyes is behind you staring at you, so listen to Big Brother and go home!”

          —-They all call me Big Brother

          Last night, a video of a drunk man near Xuanwumen who had sexually assaulted a girl being stopped by passersby captured everyone’s attention, who asked what had happened. From police investigations, on 2012 May 8th around 11pm, a foreign national male began molesting a woman in public after drinking. When passersby saw, they stopped him and called the police. The police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the man. Afterward, the police put him in a detainment room for him to sober up and is currently being detained for investigation in accordance to law. This man is a British national and holds a tourist visa. At present, this case is currently in legal proceedings.

    2. RFH

      We’re not taking sides, more questioning the evidence. Others seem happy to accept whatever narrative they’ve picked. This includes the first media report I’ve read, in Shanghai Daily (subscription only), which states:

      “Minutes later a police car came up and took the drunken man to a police station. Netizens also posted footages of the same British man making indecent gestures on a subway train earlier.” [sic]

      Unless there are other pictures I haven’t seen, the picture in question shows nothing of the sort. The picture we’ve all seen is of a man (very possibly the same man) standing in the subway,
      holding the guard rail, one hand behind his back. If that’s obscene, we’re all due a beating. Also, the video is clearly edited, and that does raise suspicions — which may or may not be justified.

      • jtdj

        yes, unless they have more photos, the newspaper did stretch it a bit- There’s only one pic of him riding the subway and you cant see anything. But the guy who took it apparently stands by his story (he has been contacted)

        As for the wallet, in frames after the gif light shines on the object – it looks red/pink and metallic. As asd points out, its probably a mobile phone – her mobile phone.

    3. JJK

      All subway cars have cameras and they are all recording, where is the video of him abusing other women?

      Also, she makes a grab for his bracelet in the video.

    4. Cameroon

      I’ve heard of two rumours through people I know (and not information from the internet) about this case.

      1. The story of him being British is false. He is reported to be from Egypt.

      2. The story of him going to home to England is false. He has already returned to Egypt in an agreement between the two governments to keep this story quiet. His remains were returned within the last week.

      These are two things I’ve heard from very reliable sources. The EXTREMELY strange thing is Egypt, China, and England have been extremely quiet on this story. News releases have almost been a single handed effort by the netizens.


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