Man Catches Girlfriend Trying To Jump To Her Death From 5th-Story Balcony

Dramatic rescue of suicidal woman
As a result of domestic strife, a 20-something woman in a residential compound in the Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province went to the balcony on the 5th story of a building and threatened to jump. She crawled out of the window and onto a wire clothesline, where she remained, distraught, according to a witness on the ground, as reported by Xinhua.

Delivery Guys Catch Toddler Who Falls From 4th Story Of Building

Toddler caught by passersby featured image
A two-and-a-half-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after she fell from the fourth story of a building in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The toddler, identified as Qiqi, climbed on the window sill and -- sigh if you've heard this before -- crawled right on out. Her parents had left her home alone as she was sleeping, because toddlers never wake up when they're home alone.

Kids Do The Darndest Things, Such As Nearly Die After Falling Out Of Window

Child stuck between air conditioner in Shishi, Fujian 2
Nearly die. Not die. And thank goodness for that and all, but do cats ever walk out of fourth-story windows? Do dogs? Do rats? How dumb are the younglings of the human race? In Shishi, Fujian province recently, a five-year-old boy woke up, saw no one was home, opened a window, and crawled out. He avoided serious injury and possible death thanks to an air conditioning unit. Pinned between the AC and side of the building, there the child remained until adults could rush up to save him.

Toddler Survives 6th-Story Fall From Balcony After Passersby Catch Her On Tarp

Ah, the classic China story: toddlers falling off balconies. I've gotten a bit complacent and let a few of these tales go unblogged, but this one from Zhongshan, Guangdong province has to go up. On March 21 at about 11 pm, a small girl crawled or walked out of her sixth-floor apartment balcony. She clung onto the ledge for dear life. Seeing this, about 10 passersby quickly grabbed a tarp in expectation of catching her if she fell. Sure enough, because she's a toddler, she fell.

Oops! Kid Gets Head Stuck In Railing, Requires Firefighters To Cut Through Concrete

Kid's head stuck in balcony featured image
We’re not mean people who enjoy laughing at others’ misfortune, but if your head gets stuck between railings — concrete ones, requiring firefighters to be called in, with half a neighborhood watching — you deserve to be clucked at. Sorry, kid. But you live and learn, and life gets better. Easier? Probably not. But better.... Read more »

Three-Year-Old In Shenzhen Dies After Falling From 4th-Story Balcony

Child dies after falling from balcony
Jesus. It was only six hours ago that I wrote, regarding balcony railings, “When until — heavens forbid — a young child actually falls through?” At 2:41 pm today, China News posted a video from a Shenzhen TV station (embedded) reporting that yesterday, a three-year-old girl died after falling off a fourth-story balcony. According to... Read more »

Man Who Rescued Child From Balcony Handsomely Rewarded

Toddler and railling
The anonymous man who rescued a young child last week from a fourth-floor balcony has been tracked down and rewarded 50,000 yuan and a job from the Guangzhou municipality. According to China Daily, which curated content from (assume [sic]‘s): Zhou Chong, 23, rescued the little girl falling from the balcony on June 3, but left after she... Read more »