The Funniest Moment From Last Night’s CBA Championship Award Ceremony

Award ceremony video; Youku video for those in China after the jump.

No, it wasn’t the fans booing lustily at the roll call of Guangdong players (who didn’t take the court), eventually transitioning into responding “stupid cunt” to every call. The funniest moment was when the tallest player in the CBA (quite possibly the tallest professional basketball player ever), Sun Mingming, decided he would try to lift the shortest player, Lee Hsueh-lin.

Lee is generously listed at 5-feet-9 and plays nearly 48 minutes per game. Sun is 7-feet-9 and plays a minute per game, if lucky (or unlucky, I suppose, seeing how he’s just a novelty concept). Let this be a lesson.

[In Beijing, The New Champion Of Chinese Basketball]

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