Toddler Survives 6th-Story Fall From Balcony After Passersby Catch Her On Tarp

Ah, the classic China story: toddlers falling off balconies. I’ve gotten a bit complacent and let a few of these tales go unblogged, but this one from Zhongshan, Guangdong province has to go up.

On March 21 at about 11 pm, a small girl crawled or walked out of her sixth-floor apartment balcony. She clung onto the ledge for dear life. Seeing this, about 10 passersby quickly grabbed a tarp in expectation of catching her if she fell. Sure enough, because she’s a toddler, she fell.

The tarp wasn’t quite in place, but the newscaster in the above video reports a gentleman surnamed Deng used his head to redirect the girl to the tarp. (Like Peter Crouch?) Thus, a life was saved.

The girl’s mother is interviewed later in the vid. Apparently the little girl, because she’s a stupid liar, said she would go the fuck to sleep*. Once her mom was out of sight, she crawled off a balcony.

The girl broke her hand. Deng, the hero, suffered injuries as well, but he’ll be fine. A good ending all around, with the winner being the news station that created this computer-animated dramatization of the fall and catch. I GIFed it for you:

Girl in Guangdong balcony fall caught on tarp

Here’s another look, but with feeling.

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