Watch: Zhejiang China’s Shark Slaughter Capital

This week, shocking photos and videos emerged of the slaughter of endangered whale sharks on a massive, industrial scale. According to an investigation by the marine conservation group WildLifeRisk, more than 600 of the endangered sharks are processed in a single factory under investigation every year.

Killing these and other endangered species is illegal in China, but enforcement is lax. Fortunately, the Global Times takes animal rights very seriously. Just look at last week’s cartoon on dolphin hunting in Japan.


Still, at least it’s ostensibly illegal in China. Looks like we’re going to need a more robust regulatory apparatus.

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      • benji

        big doggie do. some other beasts would take their place, such is the wonders of evolution and nature taking its course. over the millions of years these beasty carnavours been around, countless animals have come,gone, morphed into other forms to live another many million years. leave the magnificent whales and whale sharks alone, but finish off the great white, hammerheads etc. survival for the fittest, i say.


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