Like In The Fable Of Yu Gong, Developers In Lanzhou Moving Mountains To Build New City

Developers In Lanzhou Moving Mountains To Build New City featured image
A Modern Parable They told the Old Man the mountain, with its head as white as his, would not move, but he feigned deafness. They mocked him, shaking their fans and leaning forward so he could better see their sneers, but the Old Man wagged his head and flashed a toothy grin. The townsfolk gossiped behind his back and marveled at the futility of the endeavor, but the Old Man, rocking away his days on a hand-woven bamboo chair, knew that one day the steadfastness of his pursuit would coalesce with a dream so that in their sameness he'd wake to see the mountain gone, carried off to the shores of the Bohai Sea.

Villagers Clash With Police Over Proposed Power Plant, Flip Over Vehicles [VIDEO]

Wenzhou protest 1
Sources are saying that scattered protests involving “more than 1,000 villagers” (SCMP, via Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy) in Wenzhou, Zheijang province have resulted in either “hundreds” (SCMP), “200” (Want China Times) or “more than 10” injuries (Radio Free Asia). It began in Longgang township on Tuesday, where villagers were unhappy about... Read more »

Ningbo Protests Against Chemical Plant Heat Up As City Announces, Perhaps Dubiously, Halt To PX Project

Ningbo PX 2
Another widespread protest against a factory in China has yielded, at least on paper, another victory, following the one in Shifang, Sichuan province in July. Does it matter that no one believes the city government’s statement saying it’ll halt its construction plans? First the background: In Ningbo, Zhejiang province, thousands of locals have clashed with... Read more »

Protests In Ningbo Over Chemical Plant May Get Ugly, Netizens Fear [UPDATE]

Ningbo chemical plant protest
Reuters reports that more than a thousand people gathered in Ningbo, Zhejiang province yesterday to protest plans for a petrochemical plant that is a subsidiary of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. And according to the BBC, witnesses said authorities used tear gas and have arrested some people. Searches on Youku for “Ningbo” turn up nothing. Sina... Read more »

River In Guangdong Foams, Creeps Inland, May Or May Not Kill Us All

River foam
This looks pretty normal. “After a round of heavy rains on the morning of September 25 in Xintang, Zengcheng, Guangdong province,” so goes the write-up on, “a spotless, snow-like super foam appeared on the river outside some neighborhood.” A day later, it was still there, scintillating under the sun. The Xintang environmental protection department... Read more »

Environmentalists In Beijing Go Topless To Protest Ginseng Organization

Ginseng protest
On Sunday, a Jilin province-based ginseng association was holding a promotional activity in Beijing’s Chaoyang Park when environmentalists brought its event to a sudden halt. Before being intercepted by park security and escorted out, the young protesters made it known that ginseng mining destroys forests. At least one woman was topless, drawing all the cameras. Poor... Read more »

Wenzhou River Runs Milky White After Latex Factory Leak

Milk river
There's no protection against environmental pollution in China, even from latex factories. On Monday morning, residents near Quxi River in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province discovered the place they wash their clothes and food had turned into a "Milk River." Overnight, a kilometer-stretch of river had filled with a chemical leak from nearby Dashulin Trading Co., a company that makes, among other things, latex.

Global Times Weighs In On Shifang, And Weibo Censors Stir

Baby and riot police, a study in contrasts
You can almost picture the central government official from the propaganda bureau or wherever penning this editorial before sending it over to GT. It sure does seem like Beijing is making an example out of Shifang’s local leaders, with this message to everyone else: buck up or fuck off. Quoth GT: Only erroneous site selections, unqualified... Read more »