Tree 1, Crane 0

Tree topples crane

A 700-year-old tree in Shifang, Sichuan province withstood the efforts of a crane trying to secretly knock it down. Check it out. That’s what happens when an immovable object is actually immovable: 30 meters tall, 2.4 meters in diameter, apparently.

Via Hug China:

A local timber trader brought with his workers and secretly felled down a 700-year old tree in a Nanmu village, Bingchuan town, Shifang city, Sichuan province, and then when they tried to haul away the tree with a crane, the tree was so heavy that it overturned the crane, reported Friday.

Of course, the crane would eventually tie the score at 1 apiece by actually destroying the tree.

Chinese netizens have overwhelmingly expressed anger and grief over the death of the ancient tree and hailed the overturn of the crane as nemesis invited by what the thieves had done.

Nature is fucked, as are we.

700-year-old tree secretly chopped down but too heavy to be hauled away, overturns crane (Hug China)

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