Anyone Seen The China Version Of Cloud Atlas? You Know, The Version Missing 38 Minutes

Cloud Atlas censored
In what can only be regarded as “Hollywood with Chinese Characteristics,” 38 minutes of Cloud Atlas, a sci-fi drama starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, have been deemed unfit for Chinese audiences. In America the movie suffered from lukewarm reviews; in China, it suffered from mass excision, notably love scenes involving both straight and gay couples.

You’ll Look Forward To “The People’s Republic Of Love” After Watching This Trailer

People's Republic of Love featured image
Just watch this trailer. An upcoming documentary about love in modern China. Directed & shot by Nathan Mauger / Produced by Connie Young & Joe Xu / Executive Producer Tomas Etzler / Written & edited by Joe Xu & Nathan Mauger / Music by Philipp Mandelartz One of the producers of the movie, Joe Xu, wrote about some of his experiences on chinaSMACK,

China’s Highest-Grossing Film To Date Is This Low-Budget Comedy Set In Thailand

Lost in Thailand featured image
Proving that success can come from unexpected places, the most commercially successful Chinese film to date isn’t a high-production martial arts flick, doesn’t star Jackie Chan, ignores themes of republic-building, and isn’t even set in China. Reports AP: Chinese state media say the wacky road movie “Lost in Thailand” has grossed more than 1 billion yuan... Read more »

A Movie That May Interest You: Youth, by Long Cuu Phan

Los Angeles filmmaker Long Cuu Phan has lived in Beijing for the last four years, and for at least the last two of them, he’s been working on a script that’s “near and dear” to his heart. Set in modern-day Beijing, Youth is about a college student whose world unravels when she discovers her father’s new wife... Read more »

On Set With Iron Man And Wang Xueqi In Beijing

Iron Man 3 in Beijing
Hollywood Reporter calls the image a “photo leak” — though it’s as likely to have been planted by a publicist — and explains: It is not clear whether Robert Downey Jr is in that armor – the Chinese blogosphere have been abuzz with speculation about his presence on set ever since filming in Beijing began... Read more »

Taiwan Only Won Four Golden Horse Awards, So Some Local Lawmakers Now Want To Nix The Whole Film Festival

Golden Horse Awards
The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, inaugurated in 1962, is the oldest and arguably most prestigious of China’s four major film awards (the mainland’s Hundred Flowers Award was also founded in 1962, but it was suspended from 1964 to 1979, for obvious reasons). On Saturday, in its 49th annual show, director Gao Qunshu’s Beijing Blues... Read more »

On Jackie Chan’s Forthcoming Retirement From Big Action Movies Following “Chinese Zodiac 2012”

Jackie Chan
I remember Jackie Chan’s Hollywood breakthrough film, Rumble in the Bronx (1995), as somewhat of a novelty. I was young then, and in no position to appreciate his previous work, so I bought the film industry’s characterization of him as a glorified stuntman. I chuckled at the anecdotes about production delays due to sprained ankles (he... Read more »