You’ll Look Forward To “The People’s Republic Of Love” After Watching This Trailer


Just watch this trailer.

An upcoming documentary about love in modern China. Directed & shot by Nathan Mauger / Produced by Connie Young & Joe Xu / Executive Producer Tomas Etzler / Written & edited by Joe Xu & Nathan Mauger / Music by Philipp Mandelartz

One of the producers of the movie, Joe Xu, wrote about some of his experiences on chinaSMACK, and included photos. The film’s not done yet, but  “it will be soon,” Xu writes.

Why are lesbians marrying gay men? How are traditional rural weddings struggling to keep up with modernity? What are these “love-hunters” that rich men are hiring? Why do traditional matchmakers hate the internet? How is the Chinese government helping people find love?

Over the past 6 months, we traveled across China, from the urban jungles of Shanghai to the rural countrysides of Hebei province, in search of the sometimes surprising answers to these questions and more, as well as the social trends behind them, taking viewers on a fast-paced journey to find the meaning of love in a country undergoing rapid change.

    One Response to “You’ll Look Forward To “The People’s Republic Of Love” After Watching This Trailer”

    1. Jonathan Alpart

      This is very well-shot and put together. It’s nice to see a documentary about China that isn’t so dreary and/or about Tiananmen. I must say though that in my own experiences living here for five years, most people I know have pretty normal, vanilla relationships. But that wouldn’t make a very interesting documentary.


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