Shocking Footage Of An Adult Manhandling A 4-Year-Old, Nearly Killing Her

Found on Liveleak last night, this disturbing scene from a kindergarten in Guangzhou shows a 20-something female teacher lifting a four-year-old and throwing her onto the ground because she wouldn’t do her exercises. The child, Yao Yao, suffered a “major” head injury, according to the newscast. The teacher, apparently unaware that young children shouldn’t be tossed around like laundry, grabs Yao Yao’s legs and flips her over heels over head.

The girl’s father says they’ve already spent 120,000 yuan on hospital bills, and all they have to show for it so far is a horrific bump on the child’s head. And we do mean horrific:

Furthermore, the kindergarten, which serves children with autism or learning disabilities, apparently tried to cover up the incident. Shanghaiist (without citing a source) reports:

As Yaoyao was unconscious Mr Qiu questioned the few kindergarten teachers who were present at the hospital, all of whom told him his daughter sustained her injuries due to a fall.

After examining his daughter however, Mr Qiu was not convinced by the teacher’s account. He decided to go to the kindergarten personally and investigate the matter.

Mr Qiu’s suspicions were confirmed when he saw the rubber padding which covered the floor of the kindergarten classrooms, making serious injuries from a fall even less likely. After demanding to see the CCTV footage from that day, Mr Qiu called the police, who found evidence of intentional assault and referred the case to the Panyu District public prosecutor.

We’re not sure what the penalty is for toddler assault. Whatever it is, it’ll probably be too civilized.

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    1. Nut man

      If that were my kid a lawsuit would be the last thing that bitch would have to worry about. I’d cut her fucking throat.


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