Three young speeding motorcyclists in Hainan, chased by police, die

Surely at some point we’ve all encountered street racers or speeding motorcyclists in China, usually young people with too much money and too much time. And how many of us have been able to suppress the thought, I really hope they get into trouble. Death? No, not that. But trouble — a hefty fine, a 12-point driver’s license deduction, a single-vehicle wreck…

Usually, though, these people don’t need our malediction to summon woe upon themselves. Take this recent story via Global Times:

Three students were killed in a motorcycles accident after they were chased by police motorcycles for more than 10 minutes in Sanya, Hainan Province on Monday morning.

A middle-aged shop owner near where the accident occurred told the website that around 10 am on Monday, three young people riding a motorcycle at about 70 kilometers per hour passed her shop and were followed by a police motorcycle.

The woman said the police motorcycle was flashing its emergency light and sounding its siren as it passed.

Soon after the motorcycles passed her shop, a truck loaded with stones turned right into the path of the motorcycle sending the young people into a wooded area. Two died on the spot and one died in hospital.

Youth remains tragic. Thankfully, no one else was hurt.

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Three students killed after racing motorcycle in high-speed police chase (Global Times)

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