Japanese Reporter Attends NPC With Different Hair Statement Every Year

Japanese reporter at NPC

Thought the Oscars and the 12th National People’s Congress had nothing in common? Think again. This week, as movie stars were making fashion headlines at the biggest film event in the world, a Japanese reporter at the NPC drew attention for his NPC-themed hairstyle. For five years in a row, this reporter has arrived at the NPC with new — and relevant — designs etched into his hair.

From 2010’s hammer and sickle to China’s stars in 2011 to 2012’s “warm,” it’s hard to say whether the designs are political or merely meant to reflect current topics at the NPC. Certainly, last year’s “PM 2.5” could be seen as a critique. But if nothing else, this year’s “dream” (梦) demonstrates some truly amazing hair-buzzing skill.

(H/T Tom Phillips)

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    1. Marc

      Warm also happens to be the meaning of the character that was the surname of a certain former Premier. Context!


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