Global Times Editor Hu Xijin Didn’t Know Fox News Existed Until Everyone Began Comparing His Paper To Fox News

Hu Xijin
Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin made his first trip to India recently, and apparently he was so impressed with what he saw that he granted a rare media interview. Pramit Pal Chaudhuri of the Hindustan Times, the lucky interviewer, called GT a “voice of ultranationalism” in the resulting article, and revealed that contrary to misconception, Global Times... Read more »

To Serve People: Ai Weiwei vs. Global Times Reveals Propaganda Can Be A Fickle Mistress

TAR Ai Weiwei vs GT
On Tuesday night, the Global Times published an article damning Elton John for dedicating his performance to Ai Weiwei and encouraging Chinese people to boo future similar performers off the stage. On the same day, GT published “‘Top thinkers’ list a reflection of US values,” a scathing indictment of Foreign Policy’s list, which features, among others, Ai Weiwei.

Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin Makes List Of “10 Most Horrid People Of 2012,” TAR Nation Rejoices

Hu Xijin wins due recognition
Despite censorship, the Chinese Internet is still capable of producing gem. On Sina Weibo, an Anhui-based user, @每周评论 wrote a short-lived post that identified the “10 Most Horrid People of 2012.” Hong Kong-based China Media Project tells us the post was deleted “sometime before 12:05 p.m. yesterday,” but not before they were to extract and translate... Read more »

To Serve People: Hu: The Man Who Lets the Dogs Out

Hu Xijin
Hu “The Gelded Fuckwit” Xijin took a moment this week to remind everyone that no one should pay any attention whatsoever to the Nobel Prize, unless it is won by a Chinese person that has yet to get in trouble. Having hated the West, Westerners, the Nobel Prize and human thought for his entire “journalistic” career, Hu “The Pitiless Twat” Xijin was surprised by the Nobel Committee’s choice.

To Serve People: In Defense Of The French, At Least Hu Xijin Isn’t French

Just call him TAR
There are many things I love about China. But the thing I really, really hate is that they occasionally make me stand up for things I can’t stand. Like the French. Normally, I would just make fun of the French and their chocolate-bread-eating ways, but in the face of such madness from the Global Times, just call me TAR de’Gaulle.