Watch: Uncut Version Of Good Samaritans Fighting Off Guizhou Knife-Wielder

Uncut Version Of Good Samaritans Fighting Off Guizhou Knife-Wielder
Yesterday, we posted about a pair of security guards who died while fighting off a mentally unstable man who charged into Guizhou Normal University brandishing a 70-centimeter knife. In our embedded video, a newscast via Sina, there was a clip taken by someone in a car showing a security guard getting stabbed. That part prompted someone to reply on Twitter, "How can a human being sit in a car and film w/o helping? Especially while he watched three people get stabbed. Unbelievable."

“Most Dutiful Security Guards” Sacrifice Themselves To Fight Off Knife-Wielding Assailant [UPDATE]

Guiyang memorial service
Your incredible story of the day comes from Guiyang, Guizhou province, where on Monday a mentally ill man surnamed Xu, brandishing a long knife, tried to enter Guizhou Normal University. The guard on duty — unarmed, as all security guards and almost all cops here are — picked up the nearest weapon-like thing he could... Read more »

American Man Stabbed In Ass In Qianmen

Missed this yesterday: China Daily ran this in their “In Brief” section at 8:09 am: A US man was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant in downtown Beijing on Wednesday afternoon, according to local police. The man was stabbed in the buttocks by a 61-year-old Chinese man in Qianmen. The suspect, Wang Taicun from Shandong province,... Read more »