Chinese Man Kills Woman And Her 4 Children In Brooklyn Out Of Jealousy

Stabbing in Brooklyn
A 37-year-old mother, Li Qiaozhen, and her four children, ages 9, 7, 5, and 1, were stabbed to death inside their home on Saturday night in Brooklyn, New York. At least one of the victims may have been decapitated. The murderer has been identified as Chen Mingdong, 25, reportedly an illegal alien from China who was staying with the family. (He is apparently Li's husband's cousin.) The New York Post reports that, according to a police source, Chen said he killed the family because they "had too much."

Man Attacks Nurses With Knife After Failed Beard Implant Surgery

Knife attack in Hunan hospital 2
A 20-something year-old man reportedly disgruntled over the results of his "beard implant surgery" resorted to violence on Monday morning. Xinhua reports that the man armed himself with a knife and walked into the plastic surgery department of the Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Chinese Medicine and attacked three nurses, one of whom was pregnant.

Young Woman Stabbed Multiple Times By Muggers In Beijing

Woman stabbed near Communication University of China
On Tuesday night around 10 pm, a young woman was attacked by two men near the subway station at Communication University of China, according to eyewitnesses. Police rushed to the scene. Thirty minutes later, an ambulance transported the victim to the nearest hospital, where her condition is currently unknown.

Stabbing In Beijing: Sanlitun Jingkelong Manager Dead After Reported Pay Dispute

Jingkelong stabbing
Yesterday evening at 8:30, BJC contributor Alicia was passing the Jingkelong Supermarket at Xindong Lu near Sanlitun when she saw a crowd of people gathered outside. Curious, she paused and looked in. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. A minute later, cops attired in black, with black boots -- that's how you know they're serious -- walked up and asked people to disperse. Some lingered of course, but no one quite knew what was happening. Apparently there had been a fatal stabbing inside that store just 90 minutes prior.

Knife Attack In Shenzhen Leaves 3 Dead, 5 Injured

Man kills 3 in Shenzhen with knife featured image
Three people are dead and five injured after a knife attack in Shenzhen this morning. Reports Xinhua: Police received a call at 9:45 am Monday saying that a man was randomly attacking passersby with a knife on the side of a road in the city's Luohu District.