Saturday Morning Cartoon: How To Defend Yourself Against Muggers In America

Saturday Morning Cartoon - How To Defend Yourself Against Muggers In America
Our first edition of Saturday Morning Cartoon features a short animation from Episode 25 of Gao Xiaosong's show Xiao Shuo, which Jim Fields wrote about on Sunday. (You'll remember it was the episode in which Gao Xiaosong talked about black people -- specifically those in America -- and we were reminded that Michael Jordan is black.) Highlights of this animation include: how to prevent a mugger from firing his gun; how to defend against a knife attack; and, "Raise your right leg, aggressively kick the groin."

Holy Hospital Slashing! Aggrieved Patient Goes Psycho On Medical Personnel

A man (either 43 or in his 20s, depending on your source) has been arrested for attacking four people with a knife yesterday at Shenzhen Pengcheng Hospital. In the video (somewhat graphic), you’ll see him patiently waiting for his otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) to appear, then producing a vegetable knife from his bag and slashing the unsuspecting... Read more »

Tense Standoff Between Chinese Officer And Knife-Wielding Man Ends About As Well As It Could

In Shenzhen on Wednesday afternoon, a man with a dangerous-looking knife took to the streets in obvious agitation. According to reports, he was ready to assault a woman when a cop nearby intervened, firing a warning shot to get the man’s full attention. (We’re not sure when Chinese cops began carrying firearms, but perhaps this... Read more »

“My Family Runs The Public Security Bureau” Is The New “My Dad Is Li Gang”

Lu Jianbo
This is an update to our 2 am post about Lu Jianbo, the civil servant in Jiangsu province who attacked a woman with a knife on Friday night while reportedly shouting, “My family runs the public security bureau! Killing people is not a problem!” (“公安局是我家开的, 杀死人没问题!”) The raw footage of the incident remains cleansed from Youku, where it first... Read more »

Another Hostage-Taker With Knife Shot Dead In China

Hostage-Taker With Knife Shot Dead In China featured image
In an incident that reminds us of the Beijing hostage-taker that was taken out by a sniper last month, in Guangzhou Railway Station in Guangdong province on Saturday, a man holding a 10-year-old girl was likewise shot by police, and the hostage successfully saved (though not without injury; hearing it described, she got cut as... Read more »

Son Of High-Ranking Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau Official Caught On Tape Knifing Woman

Li Jianbo-caused injuries featured image
The man seen with the knife is apparently Lu Jianbo, son of the deputy political commissar of the Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau. The PSB's Weibo has confirmed that Lu is under "investigation," which should be aided by the video above, taken Friday night, in which Lu wields a knife at a woman on the ground, cutting her a reported 34 times (images after the jump).

Chinese Teen Reportedly Stabs And Kills Eight After Dispute With Girlfriend [UPDATE]

Chinese teen murders nine featured image
Xinhua is reporting that in Yongling township, Xinbin Manchu autonomous county, Liaoning province yesterday, a 17-year-old went on a killing spree after fighting with his girlfriend: The 17-year-old suspect, a native of Xinfu district in downtown Fushun, stabbed to death two relatives of his girlfriend after having conflicts with his girlfriend, an initial investigation showed.... Read more »

In This Video, We Hear The Beijing Subway Hostage-Taker’s Voice

Beijing subway hostage taker's voice featured image
Yesterday night, a man took a subway security guard hostage for about 70 minutes at Tuanjiehu station on Line 10, and when negotiators failed to get him to release the hostage, a sniper took him out. A lot of the dialogue in this video is unintelligible, but we're pretty sure that at the beginning, the hostage-taker tells everyone nearby, "Don't come any closer."