“You Speak Very Good Chinese,” NDRC Chairman Tells Female Australian Reporter [UPDATE]

“You Speak Very Good Chinese,” NDRC Chairman Tells Female Australian Reporter
Turns out, nope -- at least in terms of content. But on Saturday afternoon, one reporter attracted an equal amount of attention at an 18th Party Congress press conference. She stood up, took the mic, and asked a nearly minute-long question in Mandarin, and then wryly said, "I'll translate for myself." A few chuckles came out of the erstwhile catatonic crowd.

Want To Be The Next Big Laowai In China? Global Times Is Here To Help [UPDATE]

Global Times next big laowai featured image
Want to be like the fellas above? The Global Times has launched a "Tongue Twister Contest for Foreigners," co-organized by Commercial Press and Chinese Universe. Those of foreign nationality are asked to submit videos of yourself saying Chinese tongue-twisters, which will then be judged from December 1 to 20. The top 20 will be selected for a "final vote," where "language experts" weigh in. The deadline to submit is November 30.

Foreigner Gets Ass Kicked After Chinese Security Guard Understands The English Words “Fuck You”

Laowai Comics - taxi
Here’s another reminder that being a flagrant asshole to others can have consequences. A foreigner recently got the crap kicked out of him by security guards after he said “fuck you” to one of them in English. According to The Nanfang (via Southern Metropolis Daily), the incident happened last Friday in Tianhe District in Guangzhou when a... Read more »

An Expat Meltdown For The Ages: Dongguan Bar Owner Tees Off On The Nanfang After Tepid Review

One for the Road
Longtime China resident Cam MacMurchy, who ran the well-respected Zhongnanhai blog for several years before co-founding The Nanfang earlier this year, is nothing if not a reasonable and fair writer. We’ve watched from afar as The Nanfang, a community-driven website covering the Pearl River Delta, has steadily grown, expanding its listings every week while continuing to produce interesting... Read more »

Which Is The Worser Gangnam Style Parody, China Style Or Laowai Style?

Laowai Style vs China Style featured image
You might have missed this, but Gangnam Style is pretty popular worldwide, including China. It is also unpopular worldwide, including China. That makes it an online sensation, and as such, it has spawned countless parodies, and at least one incredibly epic rant. Some parodies are better than others -- and some are parodies of themselves. Here are two of the worse.

Former Ambassador To China Jon Huntsman Once Got The English-Teaching Laowai Treatment, Had Visa Cancelled [UPDATE]

Huntsman rides a bike in Beijing
Jon Huntsman, the one-time presidential hopeful and former US ambassador to China, has probably said more sensible things about China to more Americans in the last year than just about anyone in the world. It was only earlier this year, after all, that he trashed his own party’s approach to China, saying, “I don’t know what... Read more »

Foreigners In Shanghai Bar Seize Five-Year-Old From Her Aunt, Thinking She Was Trying To Sell Them Sex

Tina and David, Hanna-Oliver
Misunderstandings happen, we get that, but most of the time they’re harmless and can be waved off with a smile and a chuckle. Yet every occasionally, there’s this… here’s the lead from a Shanghai Daily article this morning: Local police yesterday refuted widespread rumors suggesting that a five-year-old girl was forced to sell sex to foreigners after... Read more »

Some Asshole Poured Beer On Residence A’s Lead Singer In The Middle Of An Awesome Performance At 2 Kolegas On Saturday

Residence A beer poured on him featured image
The Beijinger's New Festival Showcase at 2 Kolegas on Saturday mostly proved to be your standard gathering of drunken expats, except it produced one hell of a musical highlight: Residence A, a Beijing staple we featured in an Outro earlier this month, giving what I thought was the performance of the night around 8:30 pm. Reasonable music fans will disagree, and I admit I didn't catch every act, but the energy was noticeably different with these guys on stage, to say nothing of musical phrasing and general ability.

Foreigner Allegedly Slaps And Spits On Local Woman In Henan, Nearly Starts Riot

Foreigner in Zhengzhou
A foreigner nearly incited a riot in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province on Friday evening after he got into a physical confrontation with a Chinese woman on the road. The foreigner, riding a BYD, apparently thought the female had hit his car with her electric bike, so he got out and slapped her twice across the... Read more »

So Long, And Thanks For All The Bullshit: Baron Christopher Devonshire-Ellis Exits China

CDE in Mongolia
By RFH Sad tidings this week, via Chris “Devonshire” Devonshire-Ellis, or CDE as many know him. The erstwhile “Baron of Coigach” is leaving China, according to a post on his blog, China Briefing, but remains in touch with the title he inherited, somewhat expensively, in April 2011. As his online CV explains, Chris was one of the first... Read more »

White Woman Walks Naked Through Downtown Kunming

Naked woman in Kunming
Following up on our post earlier today featuring a naked man riding a bicycle, here’s a naked woman walking down Culture Lane yesterday evening in Kunming, Yunnan province. Key of China Hush brings us this picture via ifeng. As Key reports: Netizens made fun, this foreign woman “expressed her bossiness”, “This world is too crazy, at least wear... Read more »

Pictures From Beijing’s Biggest Rainstorm In 61 Years

Beijing after rainstorm
The day after; picture by The Good Doctor Yesterday, Beijing saw its heaviest rainstorm since 1951, receiving on average 163.7 mm of precipitation as of 10 pm. Inevitably, there’s some bad news, which we’ll let China Daily deliver: The heaviest rain in 61 years that lashed Beijing Saturday have left at least four people dead and six... Read more »

The Party Is Apparently At Shuangjing Bridge [UDPATE: Video]

Party on
Just a half-naked foreigner directing traffic. Whatever. He appears to belong to the soon-to-be famous party of four laowai at Shuangjing Bridge. Hmm… Party of Four Laowai. That has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? What’s another way of saying “party of four”? Band of Four? Gathering of Four? Gaggle of Four? Gang… More pictures... Read more »

“Foreigner Chengguan” Participate In Transparent Public Relations Stunt

Foreign chengguan featured image
I don't know that this is strictly a public relations stunt, but I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that at least one of the scenes in the above newscast is staged. In case you missed this story, which I linked to in Monday's links post, an urban management bureau in Hefei, Anhui province has taken to hiring foreigners to do street enforcement. There are three of them, from Central African Republic, Afghanistan and South Africa, and you can check them out "in action" via Global Times.

Video Of The Near-Riot In Guangzhou After Foreigner Died In Police Custody

Video Of The Near-Riot In Guangzhou After Foreigner Died In Police Custody
Celestine Elebechi is the Nigerian who died in police custody on Monday, sparking a big protest the next day involving more than 100 Africans. BJC contributor Alicia found this video recently (more are beginning to appear on Youku). I'm particularly surprised by how brazen the protestors are, appearing to throw objects at the approaching police brigade. By all indications, the protest/mini-riot ended after only a few hours without many injuries, which is a blessing. Because judging by this snippet here, it could have been worse.

Africans In Guangzhou Protest After Nigerian Dies In Police Custody [UPDATE]

Africans in Guangzhou
Update, 6/21, 1:02 am: Please see after the jump. 1:15 am: Videos of the protest have surfaced. Here’s a good one. The Chinese blogosphere, specifically Weibo, is abuzz after an incident yesterday involving an African expat, believed to be Nigerian, in Guangzhou. Specifically, he died in police custody. According to Tea Leaf Nation: One netizen, @GingerYip reports, “According... Read more »