Foreigner Doing Good: Pedestrian In Chengdu Clears Way For Ambulance [UPDATE]

Foreigner doing good Pedestrian In Chengdu Clears Way For Ambulance
Tuesday in Chengdu. At first, we have no idea what's happening in the above video. Why is a foreigner pushing cars backwards? Is he angry? Why is he darting around with crazy hands, seemingly directing traffic? Why are so many people just watching him? We're momentarily reminded of the Chengdu laowai who spit on a Chinese person last month.

Pictures Of Louis CK Performing In Beijing

Louis CK in Beijing
The Beijinger just posted 24 pictures of Louis CK at work on Sunday night. Go check it out (we sample a few after the jump). In the above, we can only assume he was delivering his Chinese potbelly joke, which RFH described thusly in yesterday's review: Of course, though, China is changing, as Louis kept remarking: “We [Americans] think you’re all peddling bicycles, wearing little hats… it’s nothing like what we think.” But “I keep seeing this guy: [flips up shirt to reveal proud potbelly].”

At Louis CK’s Beijing Show Last Night

At Zhengyici Peking Opera Theater, before Louis CK took the stage
I guess Louis CK's Beijing show, which we told you about last Tuesday (and un-told you about after exorbitant ticket demand made organizers skittery), went off without a hitch. Jacob, who operates the excellent YouTube channel BeijingShenghuo, wrote in about his experience: I was at the Louis CK show tonight, as per your blog request I'll tell you a little about it. Kro's Nest and Slow Boat where there providing pizza and beer (not for free, of course, or even discounted)

For Your Consideration: Jonathan Kos-Read Is A Turd

When I was younger and had hope, “The Cask of Amontillado” was my favorite story, mainly because readers are never given a clue as to the offense committed by Fortunato to warrant such hatred. Similarly, I shall not mention the offense committed by Jonathan Kos-Read to merit the proceeding onslaught. However, I will endeavor to be as professional as possible. Now, here is a doctored photo of him at the entrance to Birkenau, taken from a folder on my desktop entitled DIE JONATHAN DIE.

Remembering Charles Hwa

Charles Hwa
Ed’s note: Our community is a little poorer today for the absence of Charles Hwa; below, one of his friends offers some words. On Saturday 27 May 2012, Charles Hwa, Class President of the current graduating Tsinghua International MBA class, respected member of the Beijing start-up community, and dear friend to so many of us in... Read more »

Watch: Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan’s Cameo On Chinese State Television

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, yet unmarried, were going for a stroll in Shanghai on March 27 when they accidentally walked in front of China Central Television cameras filming the fourth episode of a documentary called Chinese Police, according to a post on Sina Weibo translated on chinaSMACK. “By coincidence the subtitle that followed said ‘Many... Read more »

If You Hold A Ceremony And No One Knows About It, Can You Really Still Call It A “Reader’s” Choice Awards?

CW Awards
While the Beijinger‘s bloated and brassy PR machine pumps its little steam-piston legs to spread the gospel of the Beijing Expat’s Preference of Place to Get Shitfaced, here’s Grandpa City Weekend shuffling onto the front porch with a tin walker missing a wheel, his hoarse voice rasping into the desolate cockcrow, unaware that it’s 5... Read more »

The Only Review Of The Beijinger Awards Party You’re Ever Likely To Read

At the Beijinger awards party 2012
Holding the party in the open air of Sanlitun Soho and suggesting “beachwear” as a dress code was clearly pivotal: the signal for Beijing’s really quite impressively large douchebag population to give full vent to their oeuvre of tics and mores. “Dress code? Dude… I was wearing this Hawaiian shirt with oversized aviators, four days’ beard growth and a jaunty pork-pie hat when I woke up!” We arrive just after four. Upon entering the “gate,” there was a kind, red reminder for all foreigners that there is a crackdown going on for the next 100 years, that undercover police would be among the crowd and that the magazine would not be held responsible for any problems that ensued. Always the best way to get the party started.

Yang Rui And Charlie Custer In Flame War, Sorta

Flame war! Until I figure out how to embed javascript, here’s the Storify link [UPDATE, 8/7: I've figured out how to embed Storify]. Basically, Yang Rui is upset at China Geeks‘ Charlie Custer, who has decided to lay low instead of engaging in a true flame war on Sina Weibo with the CCTV host. Yang could use a... Read more »

CCTV Anchor: “We Kicked Out That Foreign Bitch And Closed Al-Jazeera’s Beijing Bureau”

Yang Rui
Yang Rui — who makes a career out of speaking to foreigners on the show CCTV Dialogue (where I pulled the above image) — posted this on Sina Weibo (Chinese after jump) on Wednesday evening, translated by WSJ: The Public Security Bureau wants to clean out the foreign trash: To arrest foreign thugs and protect innocent girls,... Read more »

American Man Stabbed In Ass In Qianmen

Missed this yesterday: China Daily ran this in their “In Brief” section at 8:09 am: A US man was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant in downtown Beijing on Wednesday afternoon, according to local police. The man was stabbed in the buttocks by a 61-year-old Chinese man in Qianmen. The suspect, Wang Taicun from Shandong province,... Read more »

Naive Or Dumb? MSNBC Tries To Make A Thing Out Of China’s English-Teacher-Hiring Practices

English teacher
MSNBC has a China blog called “Behind the Wall,” and as the name might suggest, it targets an American audience that may not be as familiar with China as those of us here on the ground (“behind the wall” sounds a lot like “other side of the world,” i.e. a throwaway cliche one scribbles on... Read more »

There’s A Storm Coming… A One-Hundred-Day Visa Storm Of Sorts

Captain America at airport
I, for one, am looking forward to holding my passport with me at all times. Via China Daily: Popular Beijing spots for foreigners, such as Sanlitun and university areas, will be targeted by police in a fresh drive against visitors who commit crimes, outstay their visas or gain illegal employment, authorities said on Monday. The... Read more »

A Response To Last Week’s Meet An Expat Column

The most-commented post so far on BJC
My name is Natsun. My friend's name is Lee [Ed's note: name has been changed to protect his identity]. Anthony Tao recently published a blog post about our chance meeting at El Nido, a Beijing bar (with an absolutely impressive beer selection -- you should check it out). I liked Tao's article, but was very disappointed to read some of the reactions to it in the comments section. It’s not my habit to respond to rabble-rousers, but I think I'd be doing the Internet a disservice to turn down Tao's very reasonable offer to respond to the visceral nature of many of the comments posted about my friend.

Meet An Expat: A Teacher In Tianjin With An IQ Of 180 Who Quite Literally Has No Nationality

Meet an Expat blurred faces
We were playing liar's dice at El Nido when a pair of loud, demonstrably buzzed expats plopped down next to us on the wooden outdoor table. We made fast acquaintances. "Whoa, your English is really good," said the man pictured above, to me. "You sound American." And we were off. We learned that the man -- who introduced himself to us with his Chinese name, though we'll just call him Lee [Ed's note: we've changed his name and his son's by request; see update, below] -- was, despite all appearances, not American. And unlike his friend, Natsun, he was not Canadian, either. He tried to convince us he was Chinese. We expressed our doubts, and that's when he admitted, OK, he wasn't Chinese... yet. He was merely on his way toward Chinese citizenship.