Child Pees Inside Apple Store In Hong Kong, Netizens Call It iPee5

Boy pees inside Apple store in Hong Kong 2

A picture of a small child peeing into a bucket inside an Apple Store in Hong Kong has gone viral, hashtagged — what else? — iPee5.

This being the Internet, people are angry, and wildly speculating that the mother probably didn’t wash her hands before, you know, swiping the screens on a bunch of Apple products.

Of course, it’s not just in Hong Kong where this kind of thing happens. It happens in Beijing — and everywhere. In March, a Redditor exposed urine stains on the seats next to the kids table in American Apple outlets. “Pee balls,” they were called.

Anyway, but that’s over there. Here’s a larger picture of the Hong Kong iPeer, via @BadCanto:

Boy pees inside Apple store in Hong Kong 1

And one more… the start of a photoshopping contest?

Boy pees inside Apple store in Hong Kong 3


    12 Responses to “Child Pees Inside Apple Store In Hong Kong, Netizens Call It iPee5”

      • 本洁

        Its a clever and diabolical plot. Send a multitude of ignorant bumpkins overseas to lull the laowai into a false sense of complacency, thinking that the Middle Kingdom is still in the middle century (but meanwhile leaping forward in great strides in uber modern weaponry & the likes over the slumbering gweilo).

    1. dawei

      Oh don’t start quoting from bad canto, the guy (I am assuming male here) is a xenophobe who hates anyone that is not Hong Kong Chinese. He deletes all posts that contradict his excessively narrow view on the world.

      • 不家

        canto might be a xenophobe, but its the iPee (everywhere) hordes that set themselves up mercilessly (& rightfully so), for all the xenophobes & others to make the land of the Yellow River inhabitants such an easy laughing stock. Wait till Letterman and Leno gets ahold of the pervasive iPee behaviour. Oh, I forgot, don’t forget iPoo too.

    2. Stella

      I was with my parents eating lunch at a outdoor food court at the Shanghai Expo and I saw a kid doing his business right there into the trash can, right next to our table. I almost wanted to throw up. These mainlander have no sense of decency. Sadly, it’s normal to them but they have no clue they are sharing the spaces with others.

    3. Raskbyrne

      When I travel I do as locals do… use an example, that would be using a squat toilet- something I am not at all familiar with or covering up at a mosque etc. So in return I expect people to understand where I live.
      I don’t want to use a toilet that has dirty footprints on the seat from someone squatting on it. I don’t want to see someone half dressed having a bath out of the sink in the toilets.
      So goes without saying I don’t want to see a kid peeing into a bucket.
      I have 2 boys and 2 girls. All toilet trained and I took them travelling/out and about through out that toilet training. We were never caught short just maybe weren’t on time for things.
      I have myself witnessed a child waiting for the bus…child needs to go to the toilet….mum pulls out clear plastic resealable lunch . Kid pees into it and then mum seals it nicely and deposits in the public bin. Please have sympathy too for the poor people that dispose of our rubbish and then get covered in this.

    4. jacob

      Yes they are easy victims at times – but I disagree with Hongkongers making fun of mainlanders. In fact I disagree with any time of racism.

      I can come up with an easy list of things from HK people that are just really disgusting or dumb too:
      - belching and burping as if your lifes depend on it
      - slurping and making loud noises while eating
      - throwing rubbish into village bushes or country park. And when I say rubbish I mena anything from a simple coke can to old washing machines, fridges, even bulldozers and consruction waste
      - talking at each other so loudly, it is actually shouting. Destroying any peace and quite moment you may want to have, whether it is in public transport, in the city or on a beach and in parks
      - being obnoxious when your dog poos/pees even though you are cleaning up behind her (but throwing TV’s out, that’s OK!)
      - running away from butterflies, or other such terrible creatures
      - blaming the pollution problem on mainland factories when 1) all trucks and buses and ferries are spitting out black smoke and leaving their engines running even when parking – and overcooling their interiors with air conditioning, which happens to require a lot of fuel, even a few degrees down could cut down the fuel consumption considerably – but no HK buses need to feel like a freezer! In NO other country – just HK for Ch*st sake! 2) Most factories are owned by HKers anyway. So whats your point?? People are dying because of the pollution and all the can do is blame someone else?

      The thing that gets me the most is the noise and air pollution!

      • benji

        Your rambling listing the ills against the Hong Kongers is so juvenile it sounds like senseless teenage diatribe diarrhea. “I hate myself”, “I am ugly,really”, “OOOOHHHHH, Jenny is so so so cool”, blah blah blah.

        • jacob

          Haha, did you read yourself?

          Here is another one for the list:
          - no ability for self-criticism, thinking everyone hates you
          - even letting Singapore become a more desirable place

          Go back to bed benji, it’s past your bedtime anyway. And get a life.

          • benji

            sigh – futile to try wise up someone like you. hongkongers (i aint one by any stretch) have their share of foibles, but the issue is not about them here…
            its about the lack of common civility and hygiene – duh ?


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