Mo Yan Grants First Interview Since Winning Nobel Prize, Rebukes Ai Weiwei, Makes Very Interesting Cultural Revolution Comparison

Mo Yan Der Spiegel
Since accepting the Nobel Prize in Literature on December 10, the controversial Mo Yan has turned down every formal interview request from every publication in the world. But he finally broke his silence last week, granting a sit-down with Germany’s Der Spiegel, one of Europe’s largest news weeklies. The article was published in this week’s (February 25)... Read more »

That Streaker At The Nobel Banquet Was Artist Meng Huang, Accompanied By German Peace Prize Recipient And Chinese Exile Liao Yiwu

Liao Yiwu and streaker
That last video we just put up of a man streaking outside the Nobel Banquet Hall in Stockholm wasn’t just some prankster after a laugh, or a drunk man who’d lost his wits. It was part of a coordinated protest featuring none other than Liao Yiwu, author of The Corpse Walker and the recipient of... Read more »

Man Streaks Outside Nobel Banquet Hall In Stockholm To Protest Mo Yan [UPDATE: Liao Yiwu Was There!]

Liao Yiwu streaker Mo Yan protest featured image
In Stockholm on Monday, on the night of the Nobel banquet, a man dashed butt-naked through the cold and snow, his ebullient battle cry resonating across the dark Swedish night. Wherefore? According to SVT News (via Notes on the Mosquito, a website about the poetry of Xi Chuan), the streaker was protesting Mo Yan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. (We don't know Swedish, but we see very clearly after putting the article through Google Translate that Mo Yan is involved.) He was also very drunk, which most people have to be to denude in subfreezing temperatures.

Mo Yan’s Nobel Banquet Speech: “When (Literature) Does Not Exist, Our Lives Become Coarsened And Brutal”

Mo Yan receives Nobel
I’ll leave the parsing to others, but here’s the body of Mo Yan’s meticulously arranged speech at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony last night: I am well aware that there are many writers in the world who would be more worthy Laureates than I. I am convinced that if they only continue to write, if... Read more »

Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize In Literature Lecture

Mo Yan wins Nobel featured image
Mo Yan gave his traditional Nobel lecture, "Storytellers," about 10 hours ago at the Royal Swedish Academy in Stockholm. He was introduced by Kjell Espmark, member of the Nobel literature committee. Mo's 32-minute talk has already been translated by the preeminent Howard Goldblatt, here, which you should take a minute to read before letting the news media inundate the conversation with all their cherry-picked selections that fit their narrative.

In Honor Of Mo Yan, Chinese Students In Stockholm Organize “Red Sorghum” Flashmob

Red Sorghum flash mob featured image
Chinese students in Stockholm participated in a "Red Sorghum" flashmob at Galleria Department Store yesterday to "express joy and pride at Mo Yan winning the Nobel prize." One-hundred-eight people took part. Mo is scheduled to give his speech at 5:30 pm Central European Time (12:30 am in China). You can watch it live on the Nobel Prize website.

What Will Mo Yan Wear At The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony?

Mo Yan Nobel dresswear
Mo Yan is scheduled to leave tomorrow for Stockholm, according to South China Morning Post, where on Friday he’ll deliver his speech to the Swedish Academy and the following Monday will attend the award ceremony. Netizens all want to know: not what he will say (probably nothing, per his name), but what he will wear.... Read more »