Chengguan Killed In Line Of Duty After Being Struck By Hoe [Graphic Video]

Chengguan struck and killed featured image
A chengguan in Yingshan, Hubei province was killed in the line of duty last Saturday after he was struck in the head by a hoe. On March 16, squad leader Duan Jinyin, 34, was reportedly leading a team in stopping an illegal construction when he was attacked. It happens at the start of the above video (discretion is advised). All it took was a single blow to knock him unconscious. He spent four days in the hospital before being pronounced dead.

Search continues for 2-month-old baby inside stolen vehicle [UPDATE: suspect turns himself in, admits killing baby]

The East is Read
Other than getting caught, this is probably a carjacker’s worst nightmare. (And a parent’s, too.) “Police in Changchun are searching for a 2-month-old baby who was in a[n] SUV that was stolen on Monday morning,” reports China Daily. One imagines no carjacker ever envisions himself classified as a kidnapper.

A Security Guard Chose Not To Intervene While A 19-Year-Old Murdered 16-Year-Old Microblogger Lai Zengyutong

Murdered 16-year-old microblogger Lai
We have an update to the disturbing story of a murdered 16-year-old girl who might have been tracked down via her Sina Weibo posts. If you haven’t been following, here’s the quick summary: high school student Lai Zengyutong disappeared on January 12 in Shenzhen and was found dead the next day in an empty shop. (Her name... Read more »

The Serial Killer Who Murdered 11 People And Ate Some Of Them Has Been Executed

Zhang Yongming
Whatever your feelings about capital punishment, I don’t think you’ll find many people weeping for Zhang Yongming, the serial killer who was executed yesterday in Yunnan province. Zhang, described by the Telegraph as a “quiet, chess-playing farmer” who — and this imagery is kind of perfect — “lived in a wooden shack on the edge of... Read more »

Another School Attack: 23-Year-Old Anhui Student Murders Classmate With Hatchet

Ax murder Anhui
Details are sparse, but around 7:45 am today, according to Xinhua, a student surnamed Hu killed a classmate, surnamed Tan, on the sixth-floor library of Anhui Medical University. Another article speculates that the incident was instigated by either a dispute over a seat or an “emotional dispute.” According to one eyewitness, Hu and Tan had chatted... Read more »

Murder-Suicide Under The Palest Blue Sky

Murder under pale blue sky 1
Take note, Hollywood directors: if ever you wanted to depict the smallness of man, our inability to control our destiny no matter how we strive, head out to this beach on the shores of Minjiang River in Yibin, Sichuan province, and remember this story. On Monday morning, a scavenger was walking around when she saw... Read more »

Thousands Form Greeting Party To Meet And Beat Arrested Murder Suspect

Thousands Form Greeting Party To Meet And Beat Arrested Murder Suspect featured image
China is an interesting place. On Sunday in Ningguo, Anhui province, a thief slit the throat of a female high school student in broad daylight, killing her, and then stabbed another woman. The city immediately set up a task force of more than 100 people to investigate. Three hours after the crimes, they identified their suspect, and yesterday arrested him in Hangzhou in neighboring Zhejiang province.