Protester Crushed To Death By Steamroller, Possibly On Order Of Town’s Vice Mayor

On September 16, a man protesting demolition-relocation in Lianhua City in Changsha, Hunan province was crushed to death under a steamroller, possibly by order of the deputy mayor, as reported by KDNet on Sunday. The incident was posted onto Sina Weibo on Monday, where it has since been forwarded more than 16,000 times, eliciting comments such as, “Why should we... Read more »

Man Hacks Three Children To Death With “Wood Chopper,” Injures 13 Others

Wood chopper slashing
Prepare your horrified face. Yesterday at 2 pm in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang AutonomousRegion, a man wielding a wood chopper burst into a residence and slashed 16 children in noon care, according to Xinhua. Three died in the hospital. The suspect, surnamed Wu, is in police custody. More details as they become available. Photos below (slightly graphic) via Xinhua link... Read more »

Yue Yue: A Modern Tragedy In Four Acts

Chen Xianmei
Act IV: In Which The Driver Is Sentenced To Three And A Half Years In Jail On Wednesday, the Nanhai District People’s Court in Foshan, Guangdong province convicted Hu Jun of involuntary homicide and sentenced him to three and a half years in jail. According to Xinhua, “The court said it also issued a lenient sentence... Read more »

To No One’s Surprise, Gu Kailai Given Suspended Death Sentence

Gu Kailai and Neil Heywood during happier, alive times
In the most non-suspenseful verdict ever, a court in Hefei, Anhui province (read: the Party) has officially sentenced Gu Kailai to “death with a two-year reprieve” for murdering Neil Heywood, as expected. What this means is that Gu will not be put to death, assuming she doesn’t commit another crime in the next two years.... Read more »

An Armed Robber In Chongqing Killed One And Injured Two This Morning [UPDATE]

Chongqing robbery Weibo
A gunman in Chongqing opened fire in front of Bank of China at 9:37 this morning, leaving one dead and two injured. China News Service reports that it was an armed robbery at Shapingba District, on the intersection between Fengmingshan and Kangjuyuan. The picture above, via ifeng, was taken moments after the gunman fled; the man... Read more »

Just Like That, Gu Kailai’s Trial For The Murder Of Neil Heywood Is Over

Gu Kailai and Bo Xilai
If you were counting, the “trial” lasted all of a few hours, ending just now with Gu Kailai not contesting the charge that she murdered British businessman Neil Heywood. So much for transparency of law. Did we learn anything from this process? Gu was never going to win their game, so she didn’t play. A date... Read more »

Chinese Teen Reportedly Stabs And Kills Eight After Dispute With Girlfriend [UPDATE]

Chinese teen murders nine featured image
Xinhua is reporting that in Yongling township, Xinbin Manchu autonomous county, Liaoning province yesterday, a 17-year-old went on a killing spree after fighting with his girlfriend: The 17-year-old suspect, a native of Xinfu district in downtown Fushun, stabbed to death two relatives of his girlfriend after having conflicts with his girlfriend, an initial investigation showed.... Read more »

Bo Xilai Is In Big Trouble, And Yes, It Is Because Xinhua Says His Wife And Aide May Be Linked To Neil Heywood’s Death

Bo Xilai
Over the past month, there’s been a lot of smoke regarding Bo Xilai, some of which we’ve been happy to fan here, but when it comes to Chinese politics and media, you know there’s definitely a fire when that smoke is being blown by none other than Xinhua. A little more than an hour ago, the... Read more »

Corruption, Murder, And Intrigue In The Middle Kingdom: Neil Heywood, Bo Xilai, Xi Jinping, And An Asian Playboy In Harrow

Wang Lijun, Neil Heywood and Bo Xilai
Via China’s Forbidden News ( By RFH When Hu Yaobang, the reformist Party General Secretary whose death two year laters would spark the Tiananmen demonstrations, was purged for the second time in 1987, it was Bo Yibo who drew up the official charges. The only Politburo member who backed Hu was Xi Zhongshun, a member of the Standing... Read more »