This Woman In Macau Will Do Her Business On The Curb, And What Are You Gonna Do About It? Take A Picture?

Chinese woman squatting

We’ve been saying it for a while now around these parts, but: when you gotta go, you gotta go.

It’s just that you kinda risk being captured on photograph, having it posted on Facebook, re-blogged, etc… and that’s kinda awful, isn’t it?


Onwards, then.

(Via Facebook, h/t Alicia)

    7 Responses to “This Woman In Macau Will Do Her Business On The Curb, And What Are You Gonna Do About It? Take A Picture?”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      She’s giving her opinion of Macau and the way it has become in recent years since the opening of floodgates with mainland gamblers and foreign casino operators…

    2. DubMe

      I wonder if she might just be wearing the wrong clothes (which give the impression – she’s having her pants down)?! She just seem to sit there – so relaxed – it even looks like she is playing with her mobile phone – so it’s really kinda hard to imagine she is doing any other sort of thing… But then again – I have seen some amazing things in China…

    3. hopscotch

      One day I was walking around Olympic Park with a Chinese friend of mine having an argument, and any good conversation is an argument by the way, about when the downturn of Chinese decorum truly took place.
      While my friend was knuckling-down for what would have seemed be a heated defense of Chinese culture, we turned a corner in time to see a lady squatting low on the sidewalk (which would have been normal in any other circumstance), but she just happened to be holding her baby with its back to her stomach and one of the child’s legs in either hand.
      My friend’s statement came to a sudden halt as the two of us watched the woman help her two year old child squeeze out a fat one on the sidewalk. All I could do was look sideways at my friend as we walked past, and received a “shut-up” for my troubles.
      Would you say my friend lost this argument by default?


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