Chinese Teen Reportedly Stabs And Kills Eight After Dispute With Girlfriend [UPDATE]

Xinhua is reporting that in Yongling township, Xinbin Manchu autonomous county, Liaoning province yesterday, a 17-year-old went on a killing spree after fighting with his girlfriend:

The 17-year-old suspect, a native of Xinfu district in downtown Fushun, stabbed to death two relatives of his girlfriend after having conflicts with his girlfriend, an initial investigation showed.

The teenager, surnamed Li, killed another six people and injured five while fleeing the scene, it said.

The killer has been held by police.

It’s not the worse knife attack China has seen in the last few years, but eight is a lot.

UPDATE, 2:38 pm: A ninth victim has died in the hospital. Also, we’re told in the appended video that the suspect tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building but was unsuccessful.

    One Response to “Chinese Teen Reportedly Stabs And Kills Eight After Dispute With Girlfriend [UPDATE]”

    1. narsfweasels

      Strange, this wasn’t in the China Daily! Does that. Mean it NEVER HAPPENED and that anyone speaking of it is an IMPERIALIST RUNNING DOG who is JEALOUS OF CHINA’S RISE and clearly attempting to DESTABLISE THE PARTY?

      Or are they just buying news because it’s the Olympics? Front page of the CD has been all “Oh, look at how many golds we got, LOL!” these last few days, but now that America has surpassed them in the medal tally, it’s like the Olympics is over.


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