China’s Anti-Japanese Protests Are, Quite Simply, Getting Out Of Hand

SCMP reporter Felix Wong
We’ve gone way beyond civil disobedience. Who are the Chinese attacking? Chinese-owned Japanese restaurants, and Japanese people who may call China home, and now journalists. It is, as the proverb goes, shitting on your carpet to spite the neighbor. We’ve seen this line of indiscriminate violence in this country before — it was called the... Read more »

Rhetoric Escalates After Japan’s Purchase Of The Diaoyu Islands

Rhetoric Escalates After Japan's Purchase Of The Diaoyu Islands
In a cab yesterday evening, the first words the driver said to me were, "They gonna fight?" I was confused and signaled as such. He nodded at the radio. A broadcaster was in the middle of reporting on the Diaoyu Islands -- sold on Tuesday to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's administration from their Japanese owners -- and that's when I realized he really meant, "Might they go to war?"

Bikini-Clad Protesters In Shenzhen Urge “Civilized Patriotism, Rational Japanese Resistance”

Four protesters in Shenzhen on Tuesday afternoon came up with a creative way of voicing discontent over the Japanese claims on the Diaoyu islands. With bayonets between their thighs — and three of them in swimwear — they chanted things like, “Civilized patriotism, rational Japanese resistance.” I think what they mean is: don’t do this.... Read more »

People Have Officially Lost Their Minds Over A Bunch Of Rocks

Diaoyu protests
Save the lecture about historical context. We’re talking about rocks. Uninhabited rocks. If indeed there’s black gold inside the set of rocks known as the Diaoyu Islands, governments should mine ‘em together and split the profit, as was proposed once upon a time ago. But nooo, that would be too elementary a solution. We have... Read more »

Young Prick In Hong Kong Behaves Like Asshole Toward Mainland Mother And Child

Mainlander and Hong Kong kid in subway featured image
Was just a matter of time before the nationalistic sentiment on the streets of Hong Kong spilled over into daily life, right? Posted yesterday, this Sina video depicts a young Hong Kong man with a Bruno Mars hairstyle cursing out a mainland woman and her daughter on the subway. Judging by that description alone, you wouldn't be surprised if I told you it's been watched more than 1 million times, would you?