Man In US Burns American Flag Because It Was Made In China

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. I think that’s essentially what YouTube user  is trying to say.


If you love America and your people, not necessarily the government but the common people who live here and make up our communities and families…..Find every cheap plastic flag made in China and BURN IT. Put it on film and share it back on youtube.

It is a disgrace that we ‘celibrate’ this holidy of our independence by purchasing cheap plastic flags made in China…..Dont you realize that is why our economy is suffering and going down the tubes? Because of Neo-Liberalism?

They dont want to pay us a living wage, so they use slave labor and sweat shops in countries that have no standards for workers….the abuse people, working their fingers to the bone, and let our own people starve…..This is not something to celibrate. This is something that should be burned to the ground as a political statement of disgust.

Ah, I was wrong. Blackredmedia does not seek to wish a happy Fourth of July to you and yours.

Nonetheless, celibrate well and celibrate hard. And remember, stay sane out there in this wonderful, crazy world.

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