Young Prick In Hong Kong Behaves Like Asshole Toward Mainland Mother And Child

Was just a matter of time before the nationalistic sentiment on the streets of Hong Kong spilled over into daily life, right?

Posted yesterday, this Sina video depicts a young Hong Kong man with a Bruno Mars hairstyle cursing out a mainland woman and her daughter on the subway.

Judging by that description alone, you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you it’s been watched more than 1 million times, would you?

The young man accuses the young child’s hand of “moving around” too much. “Done fucking playing?” he says (the swear is bleeped out).

The mother, rightfully, gets angry: “Little child bumps into you, can’t you gently tell her? You open your mouth and it’s ‘fuck your mother.’”

“So leave,” the man says.

“What does me leaving have anything to do with anything?”

“You can’t even fucking speak Cantonese, and you try to say ‘fuck your mother.’”

At this point, the young child has pulled her shirt collar over her ears and appears ready to cry. A voiceover comes on, addressing the young man: “Dude, you’ve gone overboard…” Later, the voiceover, some godly shred of sanity, chides, “You’re only being mean because they’re obviously from China.”

This, people, is why nationalism is dangerous. In the wrong idiot’s hands, it’s always just a small spark away from morphing into prejudice and, apparently, cursing at a young child.

Don’t be an idiot — whoever and wherever you are out there.

(H/T Alicia)

    5 Responses to “Young Prick In Hong Kong Behaves Like Asshole Toward Mainland Mother And Child”

    1. Ellesar

      It just shows that rude nasty young men are the same the world over!
      I’d love to give his scowling face a good slapping!

    2. James Galloway

      will he look back and regret the incident or his preposterous hair more?

      completely uncalled for and obnoxious, to humiliate someone like that. though HK was never famed for its friendliness was it?

    3. Cunty McCunt

      It’s amazing, the video does not show the events leading up to the outburst, definite sign of bias, and date I say it nationalism. ‘Oh those “prick” Hong Kongers don’t want to lower themselves to our uncouth standards and expect us to act like civilised humans’.

      From my experience in Hong Kong, which is a lot, mainlanders are completely rude and disrespectful, pushing their way everywhere, ignoring you when they have made a complete arse of themselves and can’t be bothered to learn Cantonese, I’m a native English speaker and making the effort.

      In summary, show the events leading up to it you nationalistic, biased, crusty-one-eyed-fuck-stick.


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