Yang Rui Finally Apologizes, Sort Of, To Al-Jazeera Reporter Melissa Chan

Yang Rui
For whatever reason, Yang Rui felt it necessary to apologize to Melissa Chan yesterday, even though this apology comes about five months late, not to mention totally out of the blue. Via Shanghaiist: Yang Rui’s post at 12:09 on 16th October: I do not agree with demonizing [other journalists], in mid-May on several different occasions I... Read more »

Global Times’s Shan Renping Defends Yang Rui; They Just Still Don’t Get It

"Every translator is a traitor"
Global Times’s Shan Renping used his pulpit to defend Yang Rui today, writing: We think Yang’s wording was too harsh. He only stressed the problems of illegal immigrants in China without mentioning the contributions other foreigners have made to the country. He slammed many foreigners, which made it a media sensation and led to misunderstanding... Read more »

Yang Rui’s “Dialogue” Feminized A Male Guest’s Name On Last Night’s Show, Continued To Be Crappy

Francesco Sisci
Last night’s Dialogue, embedded after the jump, was about the NATO Summit in Chicago. The two foreign guests were Einar Tangen (“Biz Times columnist & author” [Biz Times is a business paper in Milwaukee]) and Francesco Sisci, Sole 24 Ore columnist. They misspelled Mr. Sisci’s name. Maybe it’s time to lighten up on the chaps who produce Dialogue,... Read more »

To Serve People: So… Yang Rui, huh?

To Serve People - Yang Rui
What a cunt. This is Yang Rui. You can’t really see it, but I have it on good authority that his tie is the foreskin for his head. You may have glimpsed him on TV. I haven’t. Because if I ever did see him on TV, I would own a TV with a shoe in it.

Yang Rui And Charlie Custer In Flame War, Sorta

Flame war!
https://twitter.com/ChinaGeeks/statuses/204106358784663552 Until I figure out how to embed javascript, here’s the Storify link [UPDATE, 8/7: I've figured out how to embed Storify]. Basically, Yang Rui is upset at China Geeks‘ Charlie Custer, who has decided to lay low instead of engaging in a true flame war on Sina Weibo with the CCTV host. Yang could use a... Read more »

CCTV Anchor: “We Kicked Out That Foreign Bitch And Closed Al-Jazeera’s Beijing Bureau”

Yang Rui
Yang Rui — who makes a career out of speaking to foreigners on the show CCTV Dialogue (where I pulled the above image) — posted this on Sina Weibo (Chinese after jump) on Wednesday evening, translated by WSJ: The Public Security Bureau wants to clean out the foreign trash: To arrest foreign thugs and protect innocent girls,... Read more »