Yang Rui, Writing In Global Times, Says He Called Melissa Chan A “Shrew” (Not Bitch) [UPDATE]

Here is the “editor’s note” that precedes Yang Rui’s first public defense of himself on English-language media:

Yang Rui is the Managing Editor and Host of Dialogue on CCTV News, which endeavors to present news about China and the world from a Chinese perspective and in a balanced way. He is responding to an article posted May 18th on the website of Wall Street Journal, which was published without his knowledge or comment.

If you care to read on, here it is. The penultimate paragraph:

The more serious part of the accusations against me is the mischaracterization of what I said in Chinese; “Po Fu” if you look it up on Jin Shan Ci Ba, one of the most popular Chinese translation sites, and A Chinese-English Dictionary, the third edition published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in January, 2010, means “shrew.”

UPDATE, 1:48 pm: Yang Rui was not writing for Global Times; the text comes from an email he first sent to the Wall Street Journal, later copied by GT with slight edits and published under Yang’s byline.

    6 Responses to “Yang Rui, Writing In Global Times, Says He Called Melissa Chan A “Shrew” (Not Bitch) [UPDATE]”

    1. Ash

      You are wrong on one fact. yang Rui did sent his email to the Global Times first and wrote specifically that he wanted the Global Times to publish his letter first. He later send the letter the WSJ.

      • The Tao

        Not saying I disagree with you, but… what happened? According to the timestamps on the respective articles, the Wall Street Journal beat Global Times by a minute, and that’s with a lengthier intro.

    2. Mark

      So as per the GT editor’s note, newspapers now need consent if they want to mention anyone? WTF?

      Obviously the first sentence of the note is farcical, but the second is just bizarre.


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